On Saturday morning…

…we went to Titiwangsa Lake after having breakfast at Restoran Haslam.

Wanted to make this a routine but last Saturday, we couldn’t make it. Went there a week before last week.  Previously, it was not that full when we reached Titiwangsa Lake around 9am. But today, it was so full! I get to ask a boy with a fishing rod in his hand, “Dik, ada acara apa ni? Pertandingan memancing ke?” The boy replied, “haah, kak.” Ok there was a fishing competition this morning, no wonder. We made few rounds and luckily we found a spot.

And the three of us, spent time doing things we love; Yassin with his cycling, me sketching, husband taking videos.

titiwangsa lake

Didn’t bring my camera as my bag was full..just relying on my phone camera.


a frame from my husband’s camcorder

Here are some of the sketches I got to draw on lovely Saturday morning:

fern on palm tree

Epiphytic ferns on palm tree



Later on, we went to another lake! hehe…Putrajaya Lake Garden. I love it there, we got the field in front of the Millennium Monument all to ourselves. There’s no other family except some guards and landscape workers.

putrajaya lake garden

payung ceritera

Ceritera garden umbrella


[Kacang tak pernah lupakan kulit, kita je yang makan kacang dan buang kulitnya. ~ Emila

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      1. owh …ha2 comey la kak…

        malam ni sbelum tidur nak wish, moga bangun esok pagi ayu dh teror melukis… wah..kalau la doraemon tu wujud…ayu msti nak jumpa dia, ha..ha

  1. cantek lukisan akak..
    hehe.. best ayat yg last tu..!! 😉

    oh.. btw, mug dah sampai!
    just right in time!
    betul2 mase birthday ayah sy..
    thanks a lot kak.. 😀

    1. dah sampai ya? ok, sama2. thanks ya, beli mug dari kak emi.

      hehe ayat last tu, selalu orang salahkan kacang…tapi bagi kak emi, tak sesuai dah peribahasa tu. kalau ikan lupakan lubuk ok kot.

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