Illustrato Schizzi di Italia V

The visit to Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Lazio, Italia, opposite the B&B. Here’s a winged Italian permanent resident, not too sure whether it’s Andalusian or Blue Barred Holle Cropper. They are all pigeon to me, no matter what type. Haha, this reminds me of Colgate.

Anyway, I stick a receipt of postcards that I bought opposite the piazza. 4 postcards for 2 Euros!


Will draw the basilica next, well if I’m up to it, because the architecture is so great. Detailing might takes awhile.

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  1. “…because the architecture is so great.”-kasi HDR sama dia!!!~ ^_^

    *bro Edoras baru join blogspot. Jom support and welcome him to the world of blogging! yay! ^_^

      1. cuba kak Emi hdrkan gambarΒ² yg kak Emi dah save jpeg dlm komputer. mungkin best giler hasilnya. πŸ™‚


        maybe Dave Hills pun ok gak utk gambar yg kak Emi dah lukis? πŸ™‚

  2. comel bird tu… element yang bagus untuk dijadikan inspirasi… kak emi… come out dengan dragonfly and butterfly…
    hehehe… sha kena cari satu identity fauna juga ni…

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