Illustrato Schizzi di Italia IV

This personal project is actually an illustrated scrapbook of my trip to Italy last March 2010. I just got around to do it because during my trip I was busy taking pictures and not much time to stick around a place to sketch.

b&b maggiore

Me getting myself connected to the internet to keep in touch with people at home. Background: the building where B&B Maggiore is located with roughly some details on the building. And a simple road map of where it’s located. Eh, I forgot to add Via Merulana! Lol. Later lah.

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    1. akak kat sini, kat Italy tu bulan mac tahun lepas, sekarnag ni je baru ada masa nak lukis. Boleh lukis RM150. Kalau nak, emel pada akak ayu nak gambar apa.

  1. Kak Emi bawa lappy sebesar itu masa travel? Wah, I just brought my girl’s notebook. About 1kg. Sebab berat nak usung my 3kg Dell 🙁

  2. manis nya kak emi nii 😀 saya dah baca k.emi punya travelling ke Italy & Rome… cantik sangat2 pemandangan kat sana… harap2 suatu hari nanti saya akan sampai juga 😀

  3. eh, where’s your glasses kak Em? mmg tak pakai glasses ke kalau tgk laptop?
    anyway, that’s a nice looking B&B ^__^

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