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UNICEF has started a nationwide movement called “Get on Board” to provide the public with the information, insight and resources to stop child abuse. This knowledge will empower everyone to protect the children in our families and communities. Let us show our children that at least a 100,000 of us care. The more people who raise their hand to be counted, the stronger the campaign becomes to deter an abuser from hurting a child.

I am already on board of the bus, raised my hand and officially became a campaigner.

You can become a Campaigner for Children by hopping on our bus, and rallying others to join us on our journey to end child abuse in Malaysia. UNICEF has prepared materials for you to use to help spread the word and to get as many people as possible to sign up for children. Here are some of the things you can do to promote the campaign for children:

– Blog about the campaign.
– Donate your Facebook status message or change your profile picture to the picture of your designed hand.
– Email you friends.
– Create conversations on Twitter.
– Send a letter to the Editor of your daily newspaper.
– Organise a sign-up at your company, college, place of worship.

    Get on Board and help us spread the word to stop child abuse today! What will you do today that is more important?

    Let’s unite against abuse.

    Let's unite against child abuse

    Here’s a fact sheet about child abuse in Malaysia that I downloaded from UNICEF.

    Child abuse is on the rise in Malaysia with an increase of some 700 reported cases between 2006 and 2008 based on statistics from the Department of Social Welfare, Malaysia. Despite significant strides made by the Government in improving child protection measures in recent years, statistics from the Department of Social Welfare show a rise in reported child abuse cases in Malaysia:

    – 2008: 2,780 child abuse reports
    – 2007: 2,279 child abuse reports
    – 2006: 1,999 child abuse reports.

      Based on 2008 reported figures, neglect is the most common form of child abuse in Malaysia. The breakdown of the three key forms of abuse are as follows:

      – 952 child victims experienced neglect, meaning a caretaker failed to provide for the child’s basic needs.
      – 863 child victims were physically abused.
      – 733 child victims were sexually abused, 72% were incest.
      – 58 child victims were abandoned babies.
      – Failure to provide care and supervision has become the most frequent cause of death among children.

        Actual Numbers
        Most child abuse goes unreported and the statistical snapshot could be just the “tip of the iceberg”. The national reported figures in Malaysia represent ONLY reported cases to the Department of Social Welfare, police or hospitals/clinics when children are treated.

        – Global experience shows that only a small proportion of child abuse of children is reported and investigated, and few perpetrators are held to account.
        – Very young children, for example, lack the capacity to report physical or sexual abuse. Older children also often fear reprisals by perpetrators or interventions by authorities, both of which may worsen their overall situation.
        – Anecdotal evidence indicates that often only the most acute cases of child abuse are reported.

          1 in 2 child victims reported in 2008 were abused by a parent.

          – By definition, perpetrators of child abuse and neglect are the very people responsible for the child’s safety and well-being (including parents, other relatives, and babysitters).
          – 2008 statistics from the Department of Social Welfare show that out of the 2,780 child abuse cases reported in Malaysia, 772 offenders were mothers of the victims, while 494 cases were attributed to fathers of the victims.

            Child abuse is a punishable offence in Malaysia.

            – Child abuse is an offence in Malaysia, punishable under the Child Act (2001) and the Penal Code (revised 1997).
            – Offenders may be liable to a maximum fine of RM 50,000 or up to 20 years imprisonment, or both depending on the offence.
            – Offenders may also be punished with whipping in addition to the fine and/or imprisonment.

              get on the bus!

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              1. i’ve support the campaign since i think last month. n ape yg sy sgt kecewa adalah..ramai org hanya pandai bila bab nak melaksanakan tugas even sebagai supporters pon diorang kata “xde masa”.. sangat pathetic. hope sume rakan2 blogger yg baca blog akak akan turut serta dlm kempen ni.. xde apa yg merugikan pon kalau join kempen ni..

                1. betul tu nad. we need to spread the words out, educate people about child abuse and let them know that they can help if there’s a situation in their area. ieven put the number to dial dekat sidebar supaya orang tahu what number to dial.

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