Bigbooks on TV3

I didn’t actually said much but yay, I got my 15 minutes of fame! Hmm was it 15 or lesser? The main highlight is about the book being a good educational tool for teachers and parents to read-out loud to children below 5 years old. Everything was explained by the writer, Cikgu Nani (Alia Nina) and I only explained about the illustration; in my own simple way. Haha I could elaborate more but it just didn’t occurred my mind.

Hehe anyway, it was great experience. I got to meet my old friend from MetroNews team back in 1995, Habsah Omar (the host) as well as my long lost friend, Sol! I knew he was a Studio Director for MHI more than 10 years ago but I never expected that he is still there doing MHI! A very loyal employee of TV3 indeed!

And I also got to meet my ex-boss, Encik Sabri Abdul Rahman who was there for an interview with NTV7 about Child Helpline.

During the live telecast. Seated from left: me, Cikgu Nani (pen name: Alia Nina) and Habsah.


Posing with two cute editors from PTS Pro, Nurismaliza Ismail (left) and Rasheila Nurain Rashid (right).

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