Genting Highland

We went up to Genting Highland last Wednesday. Yassin has been wanting to go there for quite sometimes already. We took the family package tickets (RM192) for 2 adults and 2 children. This package covers both indoor and outdoor parks except for some areas.


It was fun visiting this big theme park with over 40 rides. There’s so much of excitement and fun loads of thrilling adventures. At the outdoor park, Yassin and his cousin Marina got on a tea-cup ride as their height does not permits entry.

Known as the ‘Fun City Above the Cloud’, Genting Highlands is the only legal land-based casino, Casino de Genting, in the country and is owned by Genting Malaysia Berhad, a subsidiary of Genting Group.  The resort has three theme parks which are Genting Outdoor Theme Park, First World Indoor Theme Park and Water Park. There are over 20 signature attractions which include Flying Coaster, Genting Sky Venture, Haunted House, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, SnowWorld, Space Shot. There are fees to enter these attractions.

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  1. Salam..

    Moi (Hidung Kembang sebab jadi yang pertama). Lama sudah Rizal tak pergi Genting. Pergi akhir tahun 2004 ke 2005 kalau tak silap.

    Syiok gak hari tu pergi layan siap main Roller Coaster Superman kalau tak silap.. kekeke

    1. yay! first commenter! akak last pergi masa menang Top 5 AMBP Bloggers contest dulu..tahun 2007.

      kak emi tak berani naik roller coaster, first and last masa akak umur 12 kot..,masa tu, turun2 je coaster terus muntah.

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