Cheaper shuttle fare

When I went to Italy earlier this year, everything was sponsored by Linda, even the fare of EURO60 from Fiumicino Airport to Rome City. That was more or less about USD80, quite an amount I must say, and very thankful to Linda for everything she had spent for me. I wanted to do some research before leaving for Italy but I had so many last minute illustrations to do that I have zero information about Italy! I had to buy maps and do my research only after reaching Italy.

And so, today, I just came to know that ShuttleDirect offers good Airport taxi transfers rate of USD50 for two persons from Fiumicino to Rome city–USD30 cheaper than what Linda had to pay. I wish I could’ve found out about this website sooner and help lessen Linda’s burden on paying so much. I am bookmarking this website as well as keeping the URL in my head in case I need to book taxi transfer in future.

I am sharing this information so that, you too, can book your own taxi transfer if you are going for a vacation in Europe. It’s so hassle-free. For your information, ShuttleDirect is one of the leading internet ground transportation booking engines in Europe and is aimed at the independent traveller and offers ground transportation travel solutions to and from European hubs (airports, cruise ports and train stations).

Shuttle Direct is wholly owned and operated by Viajes Alamed, Benidorm, Spain.

Picture taken from inside our taxi, booked by the B&B that Linda and I stayed. Our transfer of EURO60 was not a smooth one as the taxi driver himself got lost in the Rome City.

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  1. akak, now Im jealous with u. U do things u like, n can still make life out of it. I admire u so much.

    IA, Ill be going to UK 2012 for Olympic Games. Hopefully boleh smp Europe skli alang2x. 🙂

      1. cool cool, mmg impian nk ke europe pun. tpi tula, kene tgok budget dulu hopefully enough to travel europe too smp ke 2012 XDDD

        But yeh, i love amsterdam 🙂

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