New items in Zazzle

It has been quite sometimes since I uploaded new artworks and so today, I logged in. I completely forgot how to move items around and accidentally deleted all my items!! I panicked and quickly stored some new items. But it took at least few hours for new items to appear.

After few hours, these are my new items in my Zazzle store:

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Well, since I am at it, I am going to upload some more. Feel free to look around.

Items are all based in the US, for locals to order, it might takes about 2 weeks for the items to reach you. If you’re in the US, takes only few days for them to be delivered. For international shipping, check here.

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  1. Emila,

    They are gorgeous. Do you sell the posters of your art ?.
    BTW, ETSY( is a popular website for handmade things. Do plan to have a store there. You will get buyers from europe and US.


    1. i know CS, I have an account at but it has been awhile since I upload anything. this is due to the fee they are charging. here at, it’s FOC.

  2. Congratulations! And thanks so much for visiting my site. You know, I’ve seen your work somewhere before. I remember because it’s so delightful! Please stay encouraged and keep creating. The world can always use more pleasant things.

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