Jul 13, 2010

Ikan Bakar Sri Murni

My husband and I suddenly felt like having an ikan bakar and so we went on the Net searching for the nearest place to have one. I remember a place called Cafe Lui as suggested by Dmystify in his blog but then my husband was faster, he found a place in Hulu Langat called Ikan Bakar Sri Murni that serves ikan bakar! The place is situated in the heart of Hulu Langat, not far from the Batu 18 town. The road leading to the place was quite dark and there were not so many people when we reached there. But during our dinner, people started flocking in, mostly groups with big family members. I was amazed that how on earth we didn’t discover this place before.

We had Ikan Siakap Bakar, Sambal Sotong, Kailan Goreng and Telur Dadar; enough for a family of four. Normally it was just the three of us but last month we have a new addition to our family, my niece Wanda.

The grilled fish was fresh from the restaurant’s pond and tasted very sweet. The tamarind sauce was great too. We will definitely come back next month to treat ourselves a fresh grilled fish amidst the lush forest of Hulu Langat. Maybe we’ll make it for lunch so that we can capture photos of the restaurant. Oh yes, and it’s a floating restaurant!

The address is:
Ikan Bakar Sri Murni
Batu 19, Kg Jawa
Hulu Langat

Here’s the map:

View Ikan Bakar Sri Murni, Batu 19, Kg Jawa, Hulu Langat in a larger map


  • waaa, saya pun dah teringin ni kak!

    • hehe pergilah cuba Nia! for me, on a scale from 1 to 10, saya bagi 7!

  • ikan bakorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…me favourite :) mesti sedap if its at natural surroundings.

    the restaurant near my ole office in Sunway.. Jaring namanya serves pretty good ikan bakor too.. i used to eat it over and over and over again.. never got bored of it.

    If you are at Sunway.. go try it out :)

    • memang sedap anny! terasa macam di kampung!

      ok, i will google the place in sunway!

      • if you know where’s Domino’s in Sunway… Jaring is just sebelah.. cuba.. jangan tak cuba… ayam golek pon best.. nasi ayam pon best.. nasi berlauk best tersangat.. sup sup semua best.. abis abis.. air liur aku meleleh when i think of Jaring. abis.

        • haha anny! come la, maybe we can go together!

          • hahahaha.. malas nak turun KL but will come down for your exhibition at petronas :)

          • that is great! tell me when, i’ll be there to meet you!

  • erk terus lapar. and it’s so hard to find ikan bakar around my area!
    how’s the price? is it affordable by student? :)

    • very affordable! We spent RM58 for everything; ikan bakar is RM30.

  • Wah, this looks like a cool place. Mrs. Spiffy has been wanting to eat ikan bakar for ages and this looks like the perfect spot to take her :D

    • spiffy! please take mrs spiffy! she will be delighted!

  • waaahhhhhh… kak emil, ni yg nak pegi try nih! how long did it take to get there?

    • wanie, from ampang it is about 30 minutes drive!

  • oooo…sodap tu! :)

  • Salam. Jom kita menghayatinya bersama! yay! ^_^

    • salam bain. jom!

  • yum yum…kalo makan sini kompom diet plan lari giler…

    • makan ikan je la

  • owhhh nice! i normally go to bandar baru bangi to eat ikan bakar. sedih, couldn’t find ikan bakar in shah alam

  • waa nampak sedap la tu ikan bakar.. mesti coba ni..

    • sedap! mesti coba jika datang ke malaysia!

  • ada no tel tmpt ni tak? ingat nak berbuka disana

    • takde dik. pergi je sebab restoran tu luas sangat dan meja banyak.

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