Floria 2010

Went to the Floria Festival 2010 at Putrajaya last Saturday. It was the last day, so most of the flowers were drying and quite some gardens were left unmaintained. Typically, every garden has heliconia or crane flowers or strelitzia or bird of paradise. This was because they were the theme flower for this year. Nonetheless, there were other local flowers as well.

The feeling was not that great compared to the one I attended in KL Lake Garden back in 2008. I kinda like the 2008 one better as the individual gardens were quite big and constructed as if they were there to stay.

crane flower bouquet


The French Marigold


Wooden pavement. I like this idea, kinda suitable for my wooden house.

Yassin playing at the the playground field just in front of the Millennium Monument.

We missed the march band.

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  1. smlm last day pon sy ke floria jugak..sempatla naik perahu dondang sayang depan ceritera tu..hehe.mmg banyak bunga dah tak fresh..but nice pics u got there kak emi..btw already reply to yr email..;)

  2. I haven’t been to Putrajaya’s but I still remember how sweet the air was in Cameron Highland during that festival. Full of roses too!

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