Blogging from Pendang, Kedah

Went to visit dear mother in Pendang, Kedah. Took the chance to visit my cousin in Kubang Jawi, 40 minutes drive from Pendang. Yassin had a blast, befriended my cousin’s daughter Jiha and her cousin Nana, their ducks and cows.

Breath-taking view, you can see Gunung Keriang far back.

My cousin leading the way to his house.

Yay! Coconut juice for us!

My cousin preparing our drinks. His daughter and my son were looking in full enthusiasm.

Yassin peeking inside the ducks den.

A duckling!

Yassin holding a duckling.

Mama duck and her babies resting on the paddy field divider.

A cow!

What a bliss!

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  1. Wah damainya pemandangan kak. Teringat masa kecik dulu. Berlari atas bataih. Dgn angin bendang, memang boleh lena dgn amannya hehehe

  2. hey im yeow liang…actualli we are currently doing a project which to develop d
    local agriculture…and our target location will be Pendang, Kedah…
    we are going there to do our research and we nid a travel guider to bring us to visit around Pendang and understand wat does Pendang have…
    Can we get any help from u??

    your cooperation is much appreciated…

    1. hmm…am not to sure about it as my cousin lives in Perlis, he came to the place where my mother is staying and brought us jalan-jalan. My mom is not free as she has to attend he classes and prayers.

      pendang is not that big, you just gotta buy a map and explore. don’t be shy to ask for direction as pendang people are very friendly.

      1. ok thx..btw can u list out some of the places tat considered as 1 of the attraction of Pendang?? like….any activity? where to visit?? anything special there which cant find at other place??

        thanks so much for ur information..

        **or u got other fren or relative who live in Pendang?? we going get some information about Pendang to do survey…

    1. Best sangat balik kampung. Cuti dua minggu, bila datang kerja, bebudak ofis cakap muka dah itam. Hehehe…hubby pun dah komen banyak main di kampung. Hehe

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