Italy: Day 9 – Bologna

Linda extended our stay for one more day. The initial plan was to visit Firenze Santa Maria Novella but as both of us are very tired, we settled for Bologna town. Went to Piazza Maggiore, Book Libri and the market. Got myself another luggage as I took a lot of catalogues and books during the bookfair.

sunrise in Bologna, just in front of the hotel where we stayed

Statue of Neptune, Piazza Maggiore

Linda and me went inside teh Book Libri (a bookstore) situated in a castle!

A lady performer; she sings, plays music and puppets all at the same time; amazing!

Bologna’s Trees

Sunset from my room

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  1. nice ..suke picha sunset n girL maen accordion n puppet tuh ehehe..semua pon best.. n congrats again menang kereta ehehe…dah gi naza?

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