Italy: Day 07 – Venezia Santa Lucia

Better known as Venice, Venezia Santa Lucia is dubbed as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Being about two hours ride by train from Bologna, I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. Linda gave me a day off from the bookfair. Thank you Linda for being so supportive! I took the 8.30am morning ride from Bologna and reached Ferrovia Train Station, Venice at about 11.30am. I walked from the station to Piazza Santa Marco. I lost track of the time but I think I walked more than two hours! Venice is a car-free city and the only way to get around is by foot or boat/ferry. This is why I walk πŸ™‚

A view just outside Ferrovia Train Station. Magnificent isn’t it! The sky adds a dramatic feeling to it.

Gondolas with red seats; how strikingly romantic!

A table for two…

I think this is peony. But please tell me if you know the real species, thanks!

Blossoms everywhere!

Came across a group of kids holding flowers, I think they were all going somewhere but not sure where…


Street performers; somewhere between Ferrovia to Piazza San Marco

a black cat on a balcony somewhere after Rialto


Piazza San Marco

I just love their windows!

Venice houses

It is best that you go with your other half or kids. Going alone is no fun. My head kept picturing myself exploring Venice with my husband and son!

Anyway, I tried walking back to Ferrovia from Piazza San Marco but the usual thing happened; I got lost. For almost two hours. Pusing-pusing kot tu, sampai balik ke Piazza San Marco. So to save time, I took a ferry back to Ferrovia from the ferry station near San Marco.

Here are some views from the ferry:

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  1. still remember last year after going back from paris, next destination is venice. ‘pakai seluar pendek baju bunga bunga atas gondola’ unfortunately, ‘exam’ didnt allow me to go there this year

  2. ahhh.. i’ve never been there πŸ™‚ ppl say its a must visit place to go before i pop πŸ™‚

    so many lovely shots to fill your moleskin soon πŸ˜€ looking forward to your sketches.

  3. cantikkk!! πŸ™‚

    psst-akk, jgn lupa blog ayu πŸ™‚ buat cantik2 tau. Ayu bertolak 7/4 ni. 25/3 tu cancel, hotel penuh kt Mekah.

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