Green Police

I was just keeping myself updated about ‘green’ news when I came across about Green Police and thought that I share it with you. Do you know who are the Green Police?

Officially,  it is a nickname to a branch of local law enforcement in charge of ensuring environmental protection laws are followed. But unofficially, it is a term referring to citizens who report environmental violations to their local law enforcement agency, or enforce environmental rules at special events. The term green police has also been co-opted by companies and groups to promote environmentally-themed agendas and ad campaigns.  It can also be referred to environmental monitors hired for public or private events.

At the Glastonbury Festival, festival organizers are hiring “Green Police” to spread environmental awareness and encourage environmentally responsible behavior. Their duties include making sure festival goers dispose of their cigarettes properly, not urinate in the water and shrubbery, and pick up and recycle their trash.

Now, this is very good and I hope that our local Green Police will enforce similar effort to address our huge volume of rubbish during festivals.

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  1. I always participate in the “Earth Hour”. This event is a symbol that we should be more aware of our environment and that we should focus on protecting mother earth.

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