Finally, it’s done!

Phew! What a relief! I have just done the amendments to My Mother’s Garden book. Now I can attend to 50 illustrations (or 100, if possible)  to bring to Italy as well as two more craft books to write.

If you don’t see me here often, that is why.

Enjoy the view of the rainy day.

The publisher is  planning to launch it during KLIBF 2010 but I dunno if we can make it due to the clash of dates between the local fair and the Bologna one. If not, the launching will be done later.

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  1. huiyooo kak emila!!!! mango yg excited x sabar2 nak tengok hasil kerja kak emi yg seterusnya! semuanya bertambah bagus…bagus bagus!! Semoga Allah permudahkan usaha kak emi untuk ke Italy!!!

  2. Emila,

    I wish you success with My Mother’s Garden. looking forward to the launch of this book.

    Bila pegi Italy tu… jangan lupa shopping leather handbag πŸ™‚

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