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A friend, Zuhaira, is in need to complete her survey on Important Criteria for Blog Quality Evaluation. The objective of this survey is to determine the 5 most important criteria based on user’s perception.

There are only 10 questions to answer;

  • Question 1-5: details about respondent.
  • Question 6-10: choose in priority order, the 5 most important criteria from 11 criteria for evaluating quality of a blog in their opinion. There are 5 types of blog to be evaluated: Personal Diary, Socio-political Commentary, Humor/ Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology.

If you have a moment, please take this quick survey. It will take less than ten minutes to complete.

To add a little more excitement Zuhaira is giving away 21 lucky respondents 20 4GB Kingston Data Traveler USB Flash Drive to lucky respondents and a 250GB Maxtor Portable External Hard Disk. What’s not to love about that?

Lucky respondents will be chosen via Closing date will be informed soon.

Simply follow this link:  Important Criteria for Blog Quality Evaluation to get started. Your time and feedback is truly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  1. done. well, its a good survey anyhow… reminds me of features of good blog. need to make mine a good one too…. =P

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