Jan 17, 2010

Blog Survey

A friend, Zuhaira, is in need to complete her survey on Important Criteria for Blog Quality Evaluation. The objective of this survey is to determine the 5 most important criteria based on user’s perception.

There are only 10 questions to answer;

  • Question 1-5: details about respondent.
  • Question 6-10: choose in priority order, the 5 most important criteria from 11 criteria for evaluating quality of a blog in their opinion. There are 5 types of blog to be evaluated: Personal Diary, Socio-political Commentary, Humor/ Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology.

If you have a moment, please take this quick survey. It will take less than ten minutes to complete.

To add a little more excitement Zuhaira is giving away 21 lucky respondents 20 4GB Kingston Data Traveler USB Flash Drive to lucky respondents and a 250GB Maxtor Portable External Hard Disk. What’s not to love about that?

Lucky respondents will be chosen via random.org. Closing date will be informed soon.

Simply follow this link:  Important Criteria for Blog Quality Evaluation to get started. Your time and feedback is truly appreciated. Thank you so much.


  • wow~ni kene cube..nak portable tu…hehehe

  • kak emy dah jawab.hopefully we would get some tips as well from the survey and a
    chance to win of course! =)

  • sedang menjawab.hehe

  • I’ll have a go woohoo

    • go go go

  • Ok, I’ve done the survey. Very simple one :D

    • ceh,….mcm dah biasa jawap survey je?

    • wah.. must be expert ni

  • wahhhhhhhhhhhh.. bestnyo… :)

  • nice~

  • done! ;)

  • Pro la Spiff ni :)

  • Ok, done. Hope I can get the maxtor…. :-)

  • dah buat! yay! ^_^

    • me too bain…hehehe

  • done it oso… :) mane tau ade luck :)

  • eee…..best jer…. :smile:

    • done mine already….hehehe

  • best nyer petang2 mcm ni makan cokelat moist cake…hehehe

  • dah buat juga… morning people of emilayusof.com.. hehehe

  • dah buat yay for me@!~

  • wow.. must do this. try luck. oh yeah got the parcel already hehe. :D

  • ok going to click link to check this

  • done, wow.. this survey is faster than the last one. as last one take times to do.

  • Considered it done!

  • Had filled in the survey form just now.

  • I’m in =)

  • daahhhh try.. manatau rezeki, yek

  • wahh.. interesting.. best2!!

  • hi, thanks !!

  • dah habis buat survey…yeaa!!!!!

  • rase2nya saya dapat x 250GB Maxtor Portable External Hard Disk,
    xdapat pendrive pon jadilah…

  • buatla survey banyak2 lagi,nnti blh menang hadiah lg..hehehe…

  • thanks for the opportunity .. =)
    May im luck enuff !

  • suda jawab..yehaawww

  • interesting. kalau ada lagi pls inform. tapi dah org yang 37th dahj ni ;-)

  • dah jawab dah……… agak2 bole dapat ke portable hd tuh..? hehe….

  • Done! Now .. tunggu for d cabutan! Bertuahlah harapnya … ekkeeeeeke!

  • salam..
    jawab je soalan leh dapat hadiah ekk?? best nyer.. heheheh DAH JAWAB!! :)



  • selesai!

  • wooottt~
    saya rasa bertuah !!hehe

  • Alhmdllh..
    dh jwb..mntk2 dpt jd lucky contestant!!

  • done. well, its a good survey anyhow… reminds me of features of good blog. need to make mine a good one too…. =P

  • Alhamdulillah….my comment is there… =D

  • nak try..nak try… :D

  • wah..dah jawab..arap2 dpt hd tue :)

  • done…..hope it helps for concrete finding n conclusion

  • Yay. Berjaya menghabiskan survey!

  • Wah! best nie.. kena cube.. tak dapat pon takpe.. at least I am helping..

  • dah wat survey!! makes me wonder gak apa yg penting eh? haha

  • done!

  • sudahhh….hopefully saya menang…chayokkk…!!!

  • susah gak soklan dia..hehe

  • Done! hope to hear some good news soon.. hehe~

  • hmm Yanz dah buat….


  • Cam sronok..

  • Mama dah participate dalam survey ni. Aduhai, macam jawab soalan peksa je.. ahaks.. nampak benar otak dah karat ek… hihihi…

  • thanks sebab ajak jawab :)

  • dah jawab.. sgt seronok sebab dah tau kategori apakah blog saya!!

  • da jawap…
    hope jawapan membantu………

  • besh2..tebuikak minda dan pale otak kuh..huu

  • besh2..tebukak minda dan pale otak kuh..huu

  • thanx coz invite me!!!

  • da jwb…

  • wokay sudah dijawab yahu

  • Thanks for dropping by. By the way, dah answered survey.

  • ok…dah jawab…thanks!

  • thanks for inviting..
    done =)

  • thanks for inviting me…..

  • dah jawab..thanks for inviting

  • ok sudah.. :)

  • all done ! :)

  • thanks!

    sudah siap..haha..


  • siap sudah… :0

  • Alhamdulillah dear…
    Selesai juga akhirnya menjawab..:):)

  • dh jawab :)

  • Done!! :D

  • siap sudahh saya isi..thanks 4 inviting..

  • done! :-)

  • OK

  • done :)

  • akak da jawab…. semoga membantu ;p

  • Hi..
    dah join juga..
    saya pun dah tau jenis blog saya..
    dan semoga membantu.
    Terima kasih

  • siap! ;)

  • done! good luck with your survey! :)

  • kita dh jawab….

  • okey..dah jawab dah!

  • done!!


  • good, i really need a free hard disk now.

  • ok saya dah jawab…tq..

  • done..

  • already finished..

  • Done..

  • salam kak , did mine today thanks a lot :) hope it helped too

  • tq tq jemput saya jawab all the questions…
    hehe.. suka suka..

  • kajian yang menarik sekali..klu boleh this result bg tau semua…mana yang paling tertinggi.

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