KL: A to Z on Fun Things To Do & Places To Visit With Kids {K}

atoz K

Typical fun entertainment for kids at shopping complexes. There are coin-operated rides as well as attendant-operated rides. For a RM1 (50 cent X 2) coin-operated ride, you (your kids) get 3 minutes ride. As for the attendant-operated it depends on the management, some cheap some expensive. Minimum is RM6 for 5 minutes!

Every time my son saw these rides, he will jump up and down asking for money. Luckily I only shop once a month, so it’s not that bad. Normally I spent Rm16; 10x coin-operated different types of rides (i.e. Bob The Builder, Thomas The Train, Batman car, etc) and 1x attendant-operated ride.

If you know places around Kuala Lumpur that provide kiddies rides, do let me know! Thanks heap!

So far:

  1. Suria KLCC
  2. Mid Valley, KL
  3. Jusco Taman Maluri, KL
  4. Carrefour Wangsa Maju, KL
  5. Carrefour Cheras, KL
  6. Tesco Ampang, Pandan Prima, KL
  7. Let me know!

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  1. Selalu juga ke Ikano. Pernah satu ketika tu, ada adik seorang ni menangis2 takmo turun dari kiddie ride tu. Puas mak dia pujuk, dia nak main lagi. Hehe, sian adik tu. Patutnya belikan satu kiddie ride tu and letak kat rumah. Biar puas dia main, kan?

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