Nov 21, 2009

KL: A to Z Fun Things To Do & Places To Visit With Kids

A final version from A to Z in a flip page book. Enjoy! Please wait while it loads.

Illustrations are done in AI and the book is based on my own experience visiting places in KL with my son.


  • Chop!

    • :D

      • Hallo Emila, lucky you online, I thought I was the only one here!

        • i’m here adjusting the book setting…macam sempit sikit

          • Looks okay to me, I like the page flip thingy … is that native to word press or can it be found online?

          • it’s a plugin thingy. it’s like adobe pagemaker or indesign of wordpress, lol!

          • Oh macam tu ya? :D

    • chop lagiiiiiiiiii

  • Wah, you finished the book? Congrats :D Let me go see if can vote for you yet.

    • yes! finished oredi! i want to get it over and done with!

      • Well, you did a great job, I’d have trouble the moment I reached ‘b’ … LOL!

        • thanks! i have trouble doing U just now!

          • and then i remember the 1Malaysia family day! so i pusing2 the words jadi Unity gathering…can aa?

          • Can, I would have never even thought of Unity gathering … LOL! I would probably put Unta park or something … hahaha …

          • hahah crazy! where got unta park in kl!

          • wakakaka….Unta park, Spiff bole jadi pioneer utk unta park! :P

  • I like your ‘X’ … hahaha … very funny la.

    • heheheh

  • Aiyaa, still cannot vote.

    • Never mind, tomorrow I go and vote …

      • now can vote!!

    • dah vote all kunings²! tyay!!!^_^

  • I’m seriously bewildered how you find the time to draw everything and still have time for your self ….

    • i am also bewildered…heheeheh

  • It’s a quiet Saturday night over here …

    • it’s not only saturday…everyday also quiet, dah tak ramai hangout here only you, anny, nessa and bain

      • Nessa, Anny, Bain all missing today …

        • bain saturday and sunday x online, coz no pc or laptop at home.huhuuu….weekday ok, pc opis manyak laju maaa….! ehehehe…^_^

        • so can ngomen super-fast punya! ^_^’

      • sayooooooooooo berlapor di siniiiiiiiiiiii :) haro haroooooooooooooo.. sapo mau kek? kek blueberri

        • Lambat sangat you berlapor kat sini, potong gaji … hahaha!

        • i want! i want!!! ^_^

  • Anyways, since I’m here all by my lonesome, let me send out a wave to Emila, Nessa, Anny, Khemy, TH, Marzie, Bain, Rizal and the rest of the gang over here …

    • *waves at spiffy*

    • *wave back @ spiffy!!!^_^

  • spiffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! can vote oredi!!!

    • Yay, I just vote oredi … I think I’m the first … can chop for voting too ah? Hahaha …

      • lol! have to ask the datuk bandar ma!

        • Would you believe I actually know that Datuk Bandar? I did some work for him back when he was in charge of PDC in Penang for the Penang Fest … nice chap the fellow, talks with the mannerism of Tun Mahathir …

          • wha that’s good la! can ask him whether can chop or not! :P

          • Hahaha … I think he will chop me and throw me out his office … some more I think I got one or two DBKL saman not paid yet … hahaha!

          • lol! better go and pay your saman!

          • hehe….:)

  • cool stuff! hehe btw i used the template u designed for all malaysian blogger, its awesome :)

    • thank you!

  • this is an awesome book
    someone shud just probably print it as a book.. and sell it
    to tourists.. apo apo pon bole
    kan kan kan

    • ok ke my book ni? dunno whether got anybody wants to buy or not :(

      • it can be made to… tourist guide booklet thingy.. urmm.. or flip open to big poster size thingy like maps of malaysia.. what do u think?

        • Anny has a point la …

        • brilliant idea anny! :)

          • setuju! setuju! *angguk kpala*

    • betul anny! bain setuju! ^_^

  • amazing flip thingy for wp :) saya manyak sukaaaaaaaaaa

    • i found it in plugin…terus install!

      • there was the other thingy that the other guy was using… lemme find it.. it was just as cool too

        • ha.. ini dia..

          • this one can make into books ka?

          • anny! anny! i published in!! yay! wait i read what do i do next! lol!

          • dah try to publish 3 times oredi but din upload…:( will try again

    • Yeah, I like this flip thingy too … cool la!

  • i dah bote :D

    • thank you anny!!!! banyaknya you vote!!! muahhsss!

  • Love the book!!

  • saya suker ni.. kreatip betui kak emi.

  • i like it!

  • Great la kak Emi! kak Emi bole compile buat buku or reference booklet for tourist! ^_^

    • all kuning²an oredi! yay! ^_^

  • i’ve voted and downloaded the book as .pdf too. saya amat suka! thanks kak emi! you really made my day :)

  • fuyooh, suda siap! cepatnya… I think I baca sampai L or issit M?? This is a wonderful booklet on KL. Well done , Emila! :D

  • Love it so much!
    Kak Emi siapkan cepat sekali!
    Mesti perah otak keluarkan tempat2 menarik, mesti Yassin tolong sekali!

  • Salam.

    Wah wah wah … klik klik klik … sekali jumpa blog neh. Scroll scroll scroll sekali jumpa posting ni. Layan layan layan … sekali terasa nak menjerit pulak dah … “WAH!!!! GILER KREATIF MINAH NI!” Kes kes kes … eh. Honest la dude … bagus bener bukumu ini … err .. kalau aku ada 8 ibu jari mcm 8 tangan octopus … aku bagi 8 THUMBS UP … !!!

    Bravo! Embrio! Apo-ko-bondo!


  • Superbly superb (if there is ever such a word)

  • besttt!!!
    good luck k.emila!
    kalau saya design sure missing sesetgh abjad.
    jenuh nk pk keyword A2Z :-P

  • Dah vote.
    Kak emila memang sangat berbakat.

  • Winner! Again! Congrats.

    By the way — X shd be for xtreme sports!

    • cannot la abou …it should be spelled Extreme :)

  • Congrats Kak Emila!

    NICE & CREATIVE! Can you be my sifoo :) I wanna learn!!!


  • Just one word for this entre,
    Best! Best la weh. Papepun congrate ya sebb jd pememanng monthly.

    P/s I like X page~~

  • Hello Emila, congrats on your win! :)


  • Hi Emila, congrates on your entry.

  • cantik and creative

  • […] Yusof is the grand prize winner for her entry, KL: A to Z Fun Things to do & Places to Visit with kids, a unique, colorful and fun flipbook filled with drawings she drawn […]

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  • Shoo cute lah the flip page book…wanted to download when you tweet about this post few days ago ;) But can’t find the download button hehehe. View online jer yeah?

    • Can download, you just follow the download link above and open up an account with Issuu. After that you can download and print.

      • yeap dah register. but still x nampak download button lah kak emila. lol! cuma nampak subscribe, like, favorites and share.

        • Ya ke? Kejap Kak Emi login dan tengok.

        • OK, if you tengok buttons bawah buku tu…just after the flag button, ada suitcase button.

  • oh yeker? flag is my last button T___T. jap lemme give u a screenshot at twitter

    • yeayyy downloaded! thanks a lot!

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