Nov 30, 2009

BIG thank you!

I was screaming (really screaming; out loud) when I read an e-mail from Blog4FT saying that I am one of 5 monthly winners of Public Category for the Blog4FT contest! My entry: – Illustrated Postcard VI – Putrajaya has won me the October prizes: Celcom Blackberry 8250 Gemini, a Celcom 3G broadband stick with free one month usage, RM150 worth of vouchers from Borders and two Air Asia tickets!

In this entry, I posted my series of illustrations titled Federal Territories Illustrated Postcard Series. I have so far 7 illustrations; 5 for Kuala Lumpur and 2 of Putrajaya and have yet to continue with one illustration for Labuan. I plan to make it 8 postcards altogether.

I would like to thank you BLOG4FT, the public as well as professional judges, namely Tan Sri Datuk Sri Elyas Omar, Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing, Dato’ Tony Fernandes, Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai and Encik Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky) who have made it possible for me to be in the Final! Thank you to monthly prizes sponsors: Celcom, Air Asia and The Borders Malaysia.

Congrats to all winners:


Spread Your Wings – reaching out – KL Bird Park by keatsthesunshinegirl

Froggy Encounters In Gasing Hill by ~Covert_Operations78~

– Illustrated Postcard VI – Putrajaya by ME

Faces of The City by cayenne04

Putrajaya Agriculture Heritage Park: Nature’s Best by mylo


Happy Peace Day! WOO! by Minyi

Going around Putrajaya by Smiley Aisha

Putrajaya has it all by comelgurl


My Bangsar by nikicheong

Cerita kemasyhuran Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad by AZIZUL FAHMI

Labuan: Duniaku, Syurgaku, Wilayahku by mustapa

The Actors Studio at Rooftop Lot 10 by sultanmuzaffar

I Love You K.L by Razzi Rahman

I am now not posting regularly on individual post but rather concentrating on a project-based post. My entry for November is KL: A to Z Fun Things To Do & Places To Visit With Kids. You can download the flip book directly from Emilayusof @ Issuu.

I am rooting for this entry to be in the running as well.

If you like what you see, you can download for keeps or reference. If you like what you downloaded, please can you help vote for me?

Thanks heap!



    • yay! thank you anny!

      • Congrats Emila! Menang lagi wow! :)

        • BTW did “my fren” contact u? LJ got hers edi! :)

          • Wahhh EMila no reply my comments anymore huhuhuhuhuhu!

          • sorry marzie!!!! hehehhehe

            been quite busy la dear…tengah kejar deadline illustrations!!!

          • your fren contacted me oredi! got mine also!!!

          • hehhe marzie! i eja thank you pun dah macam ejaan siam!

          • Yay Emila replied edi! Yeah he emailed me oso, chose u and LJ only! Congrats to u then! :)

        • than yuo marzie!

          • lol, haywire oredi my comment!

            so your work ok oredi or not? how’s the vakasi and how’s issy?

          • Tensi with work no mood to do anything oso today Emila! :(

          • Vaksi…. tgh counting money ni enuff or nooooot to go for vakasi…sigh…

  • Congrats kak Emila!

    • thank you amirul!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! an awardee with both style and substance…:-)

    • thank you muminmalaysia!!!!

  • congrats kak emi~nak jugak menang…kene rajin la cam ni,…hehehe

    • ya, ili kena rajin!! ili boleh!!!

  • CONGRATS KAK EMI!!!! :) SO HAPPY for u! mudah2an u r in the running to win the overall price! yeaahhaaa!!

    • eehh, price pulak! LOL! presents! :)

    • yay! thank you diya!!! mudah-mudahan! amin!

  • it’s been a while tak mengomen kat sini.. hehe..

    • now its the last day of november.. then shud work here to maintain the second position.. huhu..

      • no 2 pon okay lah!

        • cause i know, no way i can beat bain! LOL!

  • oh kak emi, i want to be last minutes sponsoring for 2009 ATC.

    • i’m a soooo PROCRASTINATOR. asik tangguh je.

    • will email u later either late tonight or tomorrow maybe. :D

    • ok diya!!! kak emi tunggu, k!

  • alright. gtg. will come back later. insyallah. :) take care ya.

  • well done Emila! So happy for you.. memang berbaloi undi… hehe

    • thank you nessa!

    • mmg berbaloi..hehehe

  • Emila,

    You deserve it! I absolutely love your postcards too! Let’s get them printed!

    A big congratulations!

    ps Keats was at my bookshop and a friend called her that she won and she was screaming and jumping which scared Peter! he he!

    • Linda!! thank you!!! seriously printed them out!! Wohoo! that is great news!

      I was at Keats blog earlier and left a congratulatory message.

    • haha she really jumped and scared peter away? haha i can imagine! i was jumping and screaming and yassin told me to shut-up hahhaa

      • wow..thats funny kak emi..hehehe

      • I’m oredi using your poskad for my postcrossing projek Emila. So far omputeh yang dpt poskad sangat suka your design :D

        takya i gi beli kat kedai lagi… hehe

        waitin for your new poskad design… ada lagi kan?

  • Woohoo, I knew you’d win something :D Congrats Emila, congrats :D

    • thank you spiffy!

  • Now at least got new Blackberry canggih phone … :D

    • yes Kak Emi is now one BlackBerry richer you know spiff. Hehe

    • heheh i was planning to save some money to buy a new handphone, my current handphone’s keypad sometimes failed me…

      • blueberry ko? mai tukar dengan sayo.. hp saya suda rosak.. satu screw suda hilanggggggggggg.. hahhahahahhaaa

        this is berry good news Emi :) m so happy for u

      • now no need la kak emi..dah dpt blackberry tu…hehehe

    • one blackberry richer than spiffy…wakakakakaka

  • Hip Hip Hurray.

    You deserve it Kak Emila.

    Congrats-congrats now boleh la in the running for those awesome finale.


    • yay! thank you rizal!

  • wow,..kak emi,..congrats!

    • thank you nia!

  • Congrats Emilia!! Looking forward for more goodies :)

    • thank you mylo! and congrats to you too!!! you deserved it too!

    • congrats to u too mylo…hehehe

  • Tahniah Emila. I pray that you’ll also win the big one. Good luck!

    • thanks bro! mudah-mudahan!

  • sgt tkejut kalau sis TAK MENANG!!! hehe.. so congrate!!!

  • Congrats Kak Emil. Your hardwork paid off. Hopefully you will win the grand prize and driving home the Peugot.

  • Congratulations Emila!
    You definitely deserve it.
    I hope you win the grand prize too :)

  • Congratulations Kak Emila!! Wohoo!! :D

  • Waaahhh!!!!!~ :) Congratulations kak EMi! kak Emi dah menang satu entry ni! waaaahhh!!!~ Bain bila plak nak menang ni…huhuuu…..harus kerja keras lagi ni utk bulan Nov dan Dec plak ni. Tahniah kak EMi!

    *Dapat menang top 10 commenters kak Emi ni ok gak ni.heeee……. ;)

    • bain…nape nak risau?

    • takhta Top commenter kat EIB ni sah2 milik BainCardin…hehehe

      • ye ke? ^_^ marvic tak cuba utk top 3? kasik hangat adegan kejar-mengejar! :)

        • malas la nak kejar2..nanti jadi scene bollywood plak

          • ..bollywood. LOL!

        • i can even imagine Spiffy with his ray gun…ready to shot us..hehehe

          • dats why bain cuba lari jauh² dari Spiffy! takut dgn laser beam ray gun dia tu! lari!!!!!~ ^_^’

          • ^^^larikkkkkk^^^

        • totally mcm scene bolllywood….then come anny put some spell on spiffy

          • yg ni dah masuk scene Disney world plak..wakakaka

          • which spell Marvic? ^_^’

          • spell like Hermonie in Harry Potter..only Anny can do that magic..hehehe

  • congrats kak emi…me also happy for u…

    • hadiah yg kak emi dpt tu masyuk giler

      • memang masyuk banget! ^_^

    • blackberry some more…not to mention u got urself that broadband

      • waaah!!!~ masyuuuk tu kak Emi! blackberry best tu….^_^

      • while me only afford to get myself blackberries je..hehehe..sepeket rm16.99

        • asam blackberries ke tu Marvic? ^_^’

        • not really masam and not really manis..hehehe

    • mesti lepas ni kak emi leh blogging anywhere at home, KL …

      • betul tu! ^_^ best banget deh! :)

      • tu la pasal…being mobile with broadband

    • airasia tickets tu kak emi nak gi maner?..hehehe

    • mesti dah mula planning gi cuti2 malaysia pasni….

      • waah!!! bain nak cuti2 gak! hehe :P

      • last saturday my friend and i jalan2 ke PD..

        • lama dah bain x ke PD.

        • me too untill tetiba rasa nak duduk tepi laut..hehehe

      • tp tetiba hujan plak kat we last minute change our route ke Merlimau Melaka for the femes seafood …hehehehe

        • I luv seafood, but not udang n ketam. eeee….^_^’

          • udang tu sebenarnya macam ulat bulu, kan? cuma dia hidup kat laut. oh dan ketam is my favourite!!! sotong jua!

        • sayang nyer bain x makan udang n ketam..sedapppp tu

        • bestnya makan seafood!!! kak emi teringin makan seafood dgn nasi lemak dekat jeti tu!

          • mesti kak emi pernah pegi situ kan…seafood dia mmg fresh je…hehehe

      • then we reached Kl around 11 pm… giler trip pendek tu

        • ada amik gambar tak? nanti share kt dlm blog k. ^_^

        • xder plak ambik gambar sbb x bawa camera..tu yg menyesal skrg ni..huhuhu

    • or even better outside from malaysia..

  • YAYYYY!!!! congrats kak emil!! seriously, if you didn’t win anything, i think i’ll run amok at the ministry’s office!! hahaha!!
    congrats again! so happy for you!! hope there’s something for you for the final round nanti!! ;)

    • really u nak run amok ke roxy? hehehe

      • yelaaa!! mengamok if dorang tak bagi kak emil menang!! ingat senang ke nak buat entry macam yg kak emil buat? susah ok.. and she deserves to win! go kak emil go! :)

      • hahaha..statement daripada peminat NO.1 kak emi ni..hehehe

    • thank you roxy! lol, jangan mengamok!

  • Congratulations!

    • thank you luqman!

  • congrats, I sure miss out alot…

    • thank you th!

  • Alhamdulillah! Tahniah Kak Emila! Saya tumpang gembira. Memang Kak Emila layak utk menang. Go! Go! Go!

    • thank you!

  • Congrats Kak Emila, I have to say it again here.
    On the phone dah ucap, sini pula ucap!

  • keluar lagi article pasal pemenang Blog FT ni kat NST today….hehehe

    • i’m so proud with u kak emi

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