Putrajaya: Putra Square

I’m the kind who likes to take pictures so whenever, my husband has free times, we will get in the car and just drive anywhere. So one fine day in July 2009, we ended up revisiting Putrajaya. We parked at Putra Square and did some walking, to the Promenade as well as the Putra Bridge.

The Putra Square (Dataran Putra in Malay Language) is a city square located opposite the Prime Minister’s office complex, Perdana Putra, in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The square has been used for festivals such as the Malaysian Independence Day parade and features flagpoles flying Malaysian states’ flags. The 300 meter circular Putra Square is bounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade Shopping Mall.

a view from the promenade area

A view from the Promenade – we can see a part of 650 hectares man-made lake as well as Seri Wawasan Bridge from here. I’m not sure of the name of the building right in the center (do let me know, thanks).

seri wawasan bridge

Seri Wawasan Bridge

While capturing the beautiful view, we saw movements from the lake!! My husband said it was Lampam Jawa fish. The fish was quite big, about one and a half feet. I bet there are more bigger ones!


There’s a children’s playground area near the Promenade.

playground at promenade

Situated on the right of the Promenade is The Putra Mosque, while Putra Bridge on the left side.

putramosque putra bridge putra bridge architecture

The Putra Mosque (Masjid Putra in Malay language) is the principal mosque of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Putra Bridge  (Jambatan Putra in Malay language) is the main bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It has been designed to be a special feature of Putrajaya and with a span of 435 metres, this bridge connects the Government Precinct to the Mixed Development Precinct and links Putra Square with the perdana putraBoulevard (yet to discover this area).

I couldn’t believe myself that I actually didn’t take pictures of Perdana Putra that day but here’s one (on the left, click to see larger image) I took after having dinner at Alamanda Shopping Mall few weeks later. I did have pictures of it (taken back in 2006) and ourselves on a boat in the lake but I couldn’t find it, I have more than 10 thousand pictures already! I know I should’ve renamed pictures in my storage.  The quality was rather bad but I promise to take nicer ones when I revisit Putrajaya again.

Till then and I end this post with a picture of a hummingbird sucking nectar from red iris:
hummingbird and red canna

Red Canna is planted heavily just besides the escalator that leads to the promenade.

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  1. You know Emila, there was a time when I was at Putrajaya almost everyday for work and to be honest, I like the place cos it’s so easy to drive even on a working day at peak hours πŸ˜€ Unfortunately takde gerai mamak tepi jalan la …

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