Birthday giveaway (closed)

little red and green riding hood
Little Red & Green Ridinghood
Material: felt, fibre filling, knitting yarn & sequins

See this cute handmade Miss Little Red & Green Ridinghood of mine? Do you want to win it? I’m giving it for free as my Birthday Giveaway.

So how do you win this cute dolly?

The rules are simple:

1 – Write a blog post, “I want Emila’s cute handmade dolly because…” in not more than 50 words. You are welcome to write in English or Bahasa Malaysia as well. Saya suka!

2 – Link to this post

3- Post your link in my comment box and you’ll get a link back in this post.

4 – There’s no number 4; write now and tell me how bad you want it!

Contest opens to all bloggers (local + international). Closing date will be on 12.30 midnight, 21st October (the exact time and date of my birth) 2009. While you’re at it, a birthday wish might add bigger chance for you to win.

List of bloggers who want to bring Miss Little Red & Green Ridinghood:
Spiff, The Spaceman | Nessa | Khemy | Genie King | Bain | Marvic | TH | Jiji | Littlemama |  Anny | Shemmi | Yati Homemaker | Impian Alam | Egateri | Aik Friends & Family | Ahmad Luqman | Yoon See | Mizzy N | Unlisted One | You’re next!

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      1. @Spiff, The Spaceman, Hey Spiff you sound like my good buddy Nick! You haven’t “space invaded” his body or something, have ya??!! I know there is a lot of vacant space in Nick’s head but you don’t have to use it!! LOL

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