Illustrated postcard

I am truly sorry that I forgot to attach the download link when posting this postcard illustration (IV) few days ago. I’ve updated in the post and here’s the link:

illustrated postcard IV

Download as print postcard: KL Illustrated Postcard IV
Resolution: 300dpi, jpg, 1.8MB

Talk about postcard, today I received a very special postcard from a very special friend, Nessa!!!! Thank you Nessa! I love the postcard! Urmm I mean I love the fact that you sent me the illustrated postcard!


postcard from nessa

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2009 Year End Contest (Part III)

Here’s the recent update on the Top 10 Commenters:

  1. bain bain (6050)
  2. diyadeary diyadeary (3690)
  3. nurulbalqis nurulbalqis (3105)
  4. Spiff, The Spaceman Spiff, The Spaceman (1666)
  5. TH TH (1537)
  6. Mariuca Mariuca (1508)
  7. Nessa Nessa (1486)
  8. marvic marvic (1435)
  9. anny anny (784)
  10. khemy khemy (570)

And here’s the updated prizes with picture updates on Roxychick’s sponsored items:

  1. Hand-painted tote worth RM100 (original one-of-kind handmade)
  2. Bo Bunny Bella Journee Scrapbooking Kit worth over RM70 from Crafty Heart
  3. 3 x 20% discount from Crafty Heart
  4. 5000 EC credits + 1 month FREE ad space (125×125px) at WOAFS PR4 blog from Marzie
  5. Saudacare Medicated Oil from Denaihati
  6. 125×125px ad space 2 months at,,, from TH
  7. Moleskine Plain Soft Notebook Pocket from Anny
  8. A box of 10 printed blank cards from Anny’s BooMooHoo pics from Anny
  9. Items from Roxychick (will be updated soon)
  10. 125 x 125  free ad for 6 months at Top Artists’ Directory – PR 4 blog from Kim Barker
  11. 5000EC credits from LadyJava
  12. one month ad space at LJC which is a PR4
  13. RM100 dari Denaihati
  14. 10,000 EC credits from Nessa!
  15. RM70 voucher to shop at AdorableMuslimah
  16. RM50, RM30, RM20, 2 x RM10 vouchers (will be distribute among top 5)  from 5577 Studio
  17. From Roxychick:
    1. 1x simple elements warm sunshine eau de toilette 30ml (RM29.00)
    2. 5x ultra moisture rich mini lipstick 2.5g x 5
      – 5 swatches – satin: pretty, metallic: cinnamon & magenta, sheer: coral sands & silver mauve
      (RM18.90 each)
    3. 3x wish series eau de toilette 10ml
      – wish of happiness, wish of love & wish of peace
      (RM18.00 each)
    4. denim days collection:
      – glimmersticks eye liner .28g x 2 : 2 swatches – blue flare & starry night blue
      (RM15.90 each)
      – eyeshadow trio 3g x 2 : 2 pallettes – classic fit trio & blue trio
      (RM29.90 each)

items from roxy

I am still looking for more sponsors, preferably materialistic, for example:
– one day hotel stay or dining voucher
– story books, fictions, non-fictions, etc
– home decorations: cushions, centerpiece, small furniture, etc
– something for men: perfume, cologne, hair-cream, tie, etc
– something for baby: clothings for newborn, soft toys, etc

Do let me know by e-mailing me at

As for the event:


Also still looking for a meeting-out spot sponsorship for this event as well as more food sponsorship.

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Big Four Zero & Birthday Giveaway *

Officially 40 exactly at 00:30hrs just now. Thank so much to all who wishes me happy birthday!

Special thanks to (in no particular order) Spiff, The Spaceman, Nessa, Khemy, Genie King, Bain, Marvic, TH, Jiji, Littlemama,  Anny, Shemmi, Yati Homemaker, Impian Alam, Egateri, Aik Friends & Family, Ahmad Luqman, Yoon See, Mizzy N, Unlisted One for the birthday giveaway posts as well as the wishes. Also not forgetting Ili, Spiffy, Anny and Nessa for putting up a special birthday post for me. Also to Marzie , B, Hans for the wish from the shoutbox, Oldstock, Iyda, Fox, Fui Fa, Elina Baseri, Suraya, Zamri, Ann PTS, Anna Lady Cherie, Zieyla, Yati Zakaria, Speedcat Hollydale, Christopher Andrew, Adel Saleh for the wishes from FB, my cousin Diana and Mimi (sms), my niece Wanda (myspace), my mom who wished me earlier today, my husband who wished me from dalam hati wished me with a kiss on the cheek! And to everybody!!! Thank you so much!

Ok, it’s time for the giveaway! I think everybody deserves to win and I actually dunno who to pick! So what I did was a quick poll the ole traditional way.

winner is.....

Ok so the ink was a bit too strong hehehe but I did not cheat…I just dipped my left hand (with camera on the other hand)  into the small bucket and picked one. The winner is……………….


Congrats Yoon See!!!! You’re the proud owner of my handmade dolly!

So, to all those who took their time to post about the giveaway, do not fret coz I have something for all of you too!!!! Congrats to all! Although these cute bears are not handmade, they need a new home!


I’ve got the addresses of Spiff, The Spaceman, Nessa, Khemy, Genie King, Bain, Marvic, TH, Anny, Yoon See, Mizzy N and Unlisted One already. So to Jiji, Littlemama, Shemmi, Yati Homemaker, Impian Alam, Egateri, Aik Friends & Family and Ahmad Luqman, please e-mail me your home mailing addresses to

* First 2 commenters will get a link love and a couple bear!!

First 2 Commenters
Anny BooMooHoo


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