Trick or treat!

Halloween is just around the corner and junk food is the typical trick or treating fodder. Have you ever thought of treating something different? Something that is healthy for kids as well as environmentally safe? You have? That is great! I knew that you thought about it! Ok, I might have a suggestion for you to add in your list: chocolate milk in single serve, shelf stable cartons! That is right!

You don’t think that the idea is good? Before you brush this idea off, let’s go through these facts:

1. Kids love chocolate milk.

2. Chocolate milk in shelf stable cartons (Tetra Pak) can be kept in the pantry and refrigerated when needed.

3. Tetra Pak shelf stable cartons do not contain preservatives. They have a low carbon footprint and are recyclable.tetraproduct

So you think it’s a great idea after all! Great! To get started you can get a free Organic Valley and Hershey’s coupons from Trick or Treat Me website! Here, you can learn more from about the health and environmental benefits of serving milk in shelf stable cartons.

Once you’re there register yourself by filling in your name and e-mail.


When you hit continue, you got to choose up to five cute monsters. Hit continue, you will be instructed to upload an image for your monster. Upload your face or your friend’s face and crop. You can later send the file to your friend by e-mail, complete with your own message. I think it’s very cute! With every trick or treat you sent via e-mail, Tetra Pak will make a 10 cent donation to WWF (up to $30,000).

Not enough fun? Send a Halloween tweet to someone and find out who is the scariest twitterer at Twick or Tweet Me!


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