Kuala Lumpur: KLCC Aquaria

This is one of my favourite and was taken by my husband at KLCC Aquaria.

silhouette of Yassin and me (photo by my husband, Zaim)

My family and I visited Aquaria early this year and I got to snap few good photos and drew some for my self-challenge Nature Study Moleskine Project.

KLCC Aquaria is few minutes walk from KLCC Park and admission fee for adult (with MyKad) is RM28, children (with MyKid) RM22. For tourist, it’ll be RM38 and RM26 respectively. Free admission for infant and RM18 for senior citizen above 60 years old.

Aquaria opens daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Last ticket sales and admission is at 7.00pm. You can view the location map >HERE<

Facilities includes wheelchairs / ramps for the handicapped, baby changing room, reestrooms, photo printing kiosk and many more.

Once you’re in, you’ll be on the  ‘Journey of Water’ which is divided into 6 zones, The Highland, Jewels of The Jungle, Flooded Forest, The Coast, The Living Reef and The Living Ocean.

Credit/Source : KLCC Aquaria

If you’re on the right time, you got to view feeding sessions at The Living Ocean zone. Anyway, here’s a table on the feeding sessions:

feeding timeCredit/Source : KLCC Aquaria

Here are random pictures I captured (click to see larger version).

Red-bellied Piranha, frog and dunno what!

Axolotl, alligator and gecko

School of fish, arowana and lionfish

Yassin and his dad, shark and feeding session…

The Do’s & Don’ts
1. No littering in the aquarium
2. No food and drinks allowed inside the aquarium
3. Visitors are not allowed to feed the fish
4. Frightening animals is strictly prohibited
5. Flash photography is not allowed
6. Visitors are not allowed to knock on the exhibit glass
7. No smoking allowed

Finally, here are some drawings from my visit to Aquaria.

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Kuala Lumpur: KLCC Park

There are so many things to look at, places to visit and living just 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur (KL), my husband and I will take every chance we get to take our son to places he (or shall I say, we?) never been before. Both my husband and I have been living in KL for more than 20 years, but please believe that we have not been to so many places. We are yet to explore the whole of KL, and so far have only visited KLCC Park, Birds Park, Aquaria, National Museum, National Art Gallery, Zoo Negara, Lake Garden, Butterfly and few others.

klccpark_poolI will make a series of post about KL, one of Malaysia’s Federal Territories, and try to promote places that you can check-out while staying in KL.

When you visit KL, the capital of Malaysia, the fastest growing city in the country, do not forget to drop by KLCC and visit the beautiful park. If you have children, this is the place to be. There’s a children’s pool, playground not to mention various amenities such as shelters, benches, rest areas, drinking fountains, public toilets as well as 1.3 km jogging track encircling the park.

The beautiful park is inspired by the talented Brazilian master of gardens, the late Roberto Burle Marx. Spread over 50-acres, here you can find combination of trees, shrubs, structures of cement, stones and wood as well as various water features not to mention elements of shapes.  About 1900 indigenous trees and 66 species of palms have been planted at the park to encourage bio-diversity. Part of the park is also designed as haven for birds and other local faunas.

klccpark_sandalwoodThere’s a lot of Sandalwood trees and the seeds (known locally as Biji Saga)
ocassionally paint the certain side of the park red!

klccpark_robin I saw a Magpie Robin!

Of course when you visit the park, you must visit the KLCC building itself. Besides the Suria shopping complex, interesting element of the park is the 43 meter elevated bridge. The centrally located bridge provides visitors with a vantage view of the park and the majestic PETRONAS Twin Towers. Other than that there’s the PetroSains, Petronas Art Gallery, Aquaria etc. I’ll cover these in different posts.

Here’s a bit of information you wanna know before you visit the  Children Pools and Playground:

Children’s Pool

  • for children 12 years and below.
  • opens on weekdays (Tuesdays to Fridays) 10.00 a.m. – 7.30 p.m.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 10.00 a.m. – 9.30 p.m.
  • will be closed for maintenance on Mondays when it is not a public holiday.
  • The Pool is open throughout the week during school holidays.


My son (left) and his cousin, Idham, enjoying the waterfall at the pool.


My son and Idham admiring a modern sculpture of chromed stainless dolphins near the pool.


Children’s Playground

  • for children 12 years old and below.
  • opens everyday 7 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
  • the whole playground has been laid with rubber, a child-safe material. Due to the nature of this material, eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in this area.

Parents and guardians are advised to refer to the rules and regulations for safety and proper use of the equipment.

More information of KLCC Park can be found here: KLCC City Within A Day

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