2010 Sneak Peek

The publisher has agreed to produce this calendar for me. Need to fine tune here and there before I submit the mock-up next week! This calendar will be blank at the back, so that you can cut the illustrations out later and put it in a frame!

Hah! Now you know already what I’m doing with the dragonflies!

sneak peek

Oh yea! Remember my Mother’s Garden book? Had a meeting with the publisher (Linda Tan Lingard) along with Daphne Lee (the columnist @ The Star and also a children books writer), they are very keen on the book and it will be published next year! yehaa!! Daphne adviced me to add more identity to my illustrations and I need to re-do all the illustrations. So, I am going to start on Mother’s Garden new illustrations soon as I finished with the crafts books.

Syukur Alhamdulillah.

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2009 Year End Contest (Updated!)

I am going to have a year end contest starting today. I am going to reward my Top 10 Commenters for the Year 2009 and right now here’s the result:

You can view the list from time to time via my sidebar.As you can see Nurulbalqis is leading and Bain is at No. 10.

Do you want to win giveaways? Ok, there is only ONE SIMPLE RULES:

Comment in my blog like crazy and try to be on the list. Try beating Nurulbalqis at 3059! Ok ,maybe try to beat Bain je…^-^

This contest opens to all wherever you are (local + international) Contest ends at midnight 31st December 2009.

I am looking for sponsors for the giveaways and Debbie from Crafty Heart has generously offered a scrapbooking kit worth over RM70 as well as 3 x 20% discount!! Yay Thank you Debbie!

I will gather all the items first and list down the prizes soon.

I am looking for more sponsorship for the contest and if you would like to sponsor, do drop me a line: emila@emilayusof.com. As a return, you’ll get to advertise free until end of December at my sidebar! Please send me your 125 x 125px banner as well along with the info of the sponsored items. I prefer if you can mail the items to me beforehand.

As for me, I am offering a special hand-painted kitty tote for the top one!!

(I made and painted this tote for my very first giveaway and am going to re-produce it for this contest but maybe with different color and more patterns. Will post the new bag soon as I can!)

As for the rest, you’ll get something also but it’s a secret right now!

So, so far I have:

  1. Hand-painted tote worth RM100 (original one-of-kind handmade)
  2. Bo Bunny Bella Journee Scrapbooking Kit worth over RM70 from Crafty Heart
  3. 3 x 20% discount from Crafty Heart
  4. 5000 EC credits + 1 month FREE ad space (125x125px) at WOAFS PR4 blog from Marzie
  5. Saudacare Medicated Oil from Denaihati
  6. 125×125px ad space 2 months at twinshappiness.com, thereishappiness.com, alsomommy.blogspot.com, thcorner.blogspot.com from TH
  7. Moleskine Plain Soft Notebook Pocket from Anny
  8. A box of 10 printed blank cards from Anny’s BooMooHoo pics from Anny
  9. Items from Roxychick (will be updated soon)
  10. 125 x 125  free ad for 6 months at Top Artists’ Directory – PR 4 blog from Kim Barker
  11. 5000EC credits from LadyJava
  12. one month ad space at LJC which is a PR4
  13. RM100 dari Denaihati
  14. 10,000 EC credits from Nessa!

Will update this list from time to time as I get more sponsored items!

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