Perception of Blogs II

Adam is still looking for respondents to his survey. He is far from his targeted respondents and in need for more, so if you have few minutes please help him reach the target by responding to his survey. This is part of Adam’s PhD research on the factors influencing consumer’s attitude towards Blogs and your help means a lot to his doctoral thesis.

In return, you’ll be in the running for a lucky draw to win Cash prize of £100.00 (approx. US$165). 10 other respondents will win Amazon vouchers worth £10 (approx. US$16.5) each. Adam will pick the winners by using method. I’ll be adding a personalised totebag for the lucky draw. Will use the same method.

Adam also pledges to donate £1 to Cancer Research UK for every single respondent who completes HIS SURVEY.

Here are bloggers who have responded to Adam’s survey:
Spiffy | Mizzy N | Ili | Bain | Khemy | Nessa | Roxychick | Yayah | Iskandar Dr Bubbles | Azreen | Jiji | Wana | Acik Aminnakish | TH | Anny | Mama Emma | Rhomany |  Akira Chan | Yoon See | Syazwi Aljabri | Ken Ong | Yati | Nurul |  Fauzus | Ezz | Youramirah | MsPuzzles | MarVic | Duni | Azyze | Lissa | Ash Lee | Chembeng | Debbie | Unlisted One | you’re next!

I know there is more and if you are not listed here do let me know, I’ll add you in.

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