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I am currently working on Arts & Crafts books for children. There will be 5 books and the first one will be a book with cartoon drawing projects. There will be 20 projects in this book and I am writing as well as illustrating. The book is in Malay Language. The other books will be about paper crafts, sewing crafts, handmade greeting cards and origami.

On the other hand, I am also working on flowers illustration samples for a publisher, as well as 2010 calendar sample with my artworks on it! Apart from that, I am doing a typesetting for 3 books, setting up an online shop for Wirabukit as well as attending to orders from my lilshop.

My hands are really full but I certainly will make time to blog!

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  1. whoah! thats a lot of kewl stuffs.. i sure wanna buy em for my kids nnti..
    a lot of projects in hand but yet still can manage to blog..

    am trully amazed.. respect!

  2. Hello Emilia,

    wow! that sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll do great and always find some free time to blog! – I’m counting with that XD

    love the idea of the art books…it’s such a wonderful project!

  3. Take care Kak Emila..I’m sure you have lot nights yg tak cukup tido and feeling overwhelmed. Tapi tup tup mesti boleh pull through kan 🙂

  4. That’s a lot!!…..eat well k.emi…can imagine all tasks queue up to be finished.. x pe lagi byk keje lagi Ong..when it go published..let us know k.emi… 🙂

  5. I’m hapi to hear your Lilshop is doing well 🙂 I see more stuff added too!

    All the best Emila. Bersusah-susah dahulu… bersenang-senang kemudian 😀

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