Jul 18, 2009

Tango – IF

The challenge this week at Illustration Friday (IF) is to illustrate ‘Tango’.  A simple line drawing from me:


I’m having a bad lazy weekend. Will resume work tomorrow or Monday. But you never know, I might have the mood to upload a drawing or two in no time.

Happy weekend y’all!


  • chop

  • tango with you emila

  • aiya.. step your feet pula..

    • hahaha

      • aduh.. heels step on pain

  • aduh.. sakit.. kaki high heel 9 inch!

    • lol!!! 9 inch aa? so tall!!

      • haha.. mcm model..(say only)

  • lazy weekend kak emi? same la kita…eh,..nnt kak emi check email ok. have a nice weekend,..!!

    • Uni, dah dapat. Will work on it asap; latest by Monday night will e-mail to you.

  • Nice draw =)

    • thanks blinkky!

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

    • thanks artfanako!

  • They say in dance it’s all about the “line” so a line drawing was perfect for this week! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • thanks deb! thank you too for visiting mine!

  • Simple you say, but she is absolutely gorgeous.

    • thanks melanie!

  • tu lah kalau dah memang pandai melukis tarik sana sini pun jadi lukisan yang power….

    • thanks ilham!

  • smooth..


    • thanks iyda!

  • tango til sakit kaki dah… rest first ya..

  • It’s no fun to tango alone …

    • lol, it’s not!

  • Wow!! I laik dis line drawing… simple but very beautiful!! :D

    Make more of these style and make cards to sell kat Emila’s Lilshop, I’ll buy!! hehe

    • hi nessa

    • ok, will make some for lilshop! thanks nessa!

  • Simple line drawing? Alamak Emila, if I can draw like that, I memang genius la … LOL!

    I think that’s a pretty cool line drawing la!

    • ..Jia suke la line drawing nih..nampak neat sgt…k.emi kate simple…uish…i totally agree ngan Spiff…

      if i can draw like that..i considered myself..genius already…*lol*

    • lol! thanks spiffy!

  • Actually Emila, I like this masthead the best la, tengah relax under the tree :D

    • hello everyone

    • i like it too! it’s one of my favourite!

  • haha that’s a big step kak emila!

    but the lady’s real gorgeous!

    • hahaha! tango memang ada yang big step! thanks nurul!

  • very elegant!

    • thanks owl eng!

  • wow! this is a pretty cool line drawing.. love the pale pink flowers :D

    • hehe you saw that! thanks anny!

  • Beautiful as always kak Emila, i am too busy this week….

    • takpe yoon see, next week can illustrate!

  • Beautiful linework…your character has power and confidence.

    • really? thanks shirley!

  • Great line work and attitude!

    • thanks indigene!

  • nice work kak emi!
    very elegant.. i loike!! :)

    • thanks farah!

  • this is good!

    been looking through your blog from time to time. keep up the wonderful art!

  • Hi Emila, Thanks for the nice comment! I love your adorable girls and what a perfect drawing for the tango topic.


    • thanks for dropping by, julissa!

  • Well she’s quite lovely!

    • thank you roberta!

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