Up on the hill

We went up the Langat Hill earlier tonight just to catch a glimpse of KL cityline while having a breath of fresh air.

kl view

My son wanted to know how does other cities in the world looks like. I told him the big cities in the world look similar; only with different buildings and landscapes. He asked me to bring him to one of those big cities one day. I just told him, “one day dear, one day.” We’ve been to almost all parts of Malaysia and I think one fine day (when I save enough money), I’ll consider one of those Orlando vacations and head to the Magical Kingdom of Walt Disney with him. Well maybe with husband too if he wants to go. He’s not into traveling overseas because he has been places he said.

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    1. thanks anny! yeah, he’s using manual setting. Actually got some more great pictures only I look fat in it! This one is a bit silhouette so I choose his one! lol!

    1. Ya ke Bukit Cinta? Hehehe mungkin sebab ramai yang pergi ‘memadu kasih’ kat atas tu. Sekarang ni siap ada gerai makan lagi, Sam. Boleh lepak tengok KL view sambil minum dan makan.

        1. Ya, tapi gerai van. Dia pacak payung dan letak kerusi meja. Kalau nak best, naik ke Lookout Point. Di situ ada banyak kedai makan yang elok sikit. Monyet pun banyak.

            1. Dekat je, dalam lima minit gitu. From the Bukit Cinta, you drive up sikit and you will see the signboard on your right. You can park dekat bawah or naik parking kat atas. Selalunya kat atas tu penuh but just try your luck. Dekat situ ada kedai makan Arab, western, tomyam, steamboat dan macam-macam.

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