Balik kampung

We went back to Tangkak last Saturday because Yassin was so bored doing nothing at home. We spent time visiting Yassin’s cousin, Idham and Yassin got to meet with his grandparents new kids as well!

new kid
Yassin posing with one of the kids; 6 days old

In the excitement to help his grandmother with the kid’s den, Yassin fell into a ditch and his ankle hit a broken glass. He got 2 stitches for that.

poor boy

Yassin was crying during the stitching process and almost kicked the doctor but his dad was quick enough to hold and calm him.

Here’s more photos from kampung:

yass_river yass_kid2 anak kambing tok abah

this is where yassin and his dad walking

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  1. Adorable kid, yet poor boy! I have an experience of holding a kid like that too! Hahah 🙂 Your kampung is really a ‘kampung’ not like mine, in the middle of the city in Bayan Lepas!

  2. Sian Yassin 🙁 Tapi it’s a gud experience, len kali kene hati-hati 🙂 Nanti boleh citer kat kawan 😀

    Emila, I miss my kampung oredi :*(

    1. ala..kak kuih topi..ari tu kn br balik…tp mesti da miss ni kan…tp u balik kg..mesti took long holiday boley spend time puas2…

  3. boys will be boys.. a lil scratch n fall takpa laa.. it makes them tougher and next time they can show off the scar marks to their kawans 😀

    1. hehe not only boys have scars; girls oso have one! i know you have a lot anny! and that includes me! my body is like peta dunia, you know!

    1. memang nice…but work is important oso; i have to clear all before i can enjoy myself at kampung. had a great weekend in tangkak. will be back in raub next week.

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