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Today is a very tiring day. I went out to run some errands as well as collect prizes from sponsors for April’s Top FC – Roxychick in PJ and later Zarina in Damansara. In between, my son and I went to IKEA for lunch. Later after that my old buddy Suraya called and we met at MPH’s warehouse sales. On the way out from the parking area, I saw Ida Karim. We waved at each other and were making all sort ofร‚ย  communication signs. I wanted to stop and talk more but had plan with Suraya; she was waiting for me to go for a coffee.

The meeting with Roxychick was great. I had the chance to meet with her colleague, Azyze as well. I brought a camera with me with the intention to snap photos of our meeting but forgot all about it until Roxychick reminds me about it via sms! Lol! Where did I put my mind?! I have been so forgetful lately. It’s the big sign of aging, yes I know.

Roxychick handed me her sponsored items (yay!) as well as something extra just for me! A beautiful tea set!! Thank you so much! I love it!

from roxychick!

tea set from roxy

Later I went to meet Zarina to pick-up the Towel Cake. The meeting was a brief one coz I met her at her workplace’s lobby and had the permission to park my car there for only few minutes.

from zarina

Mother’s Day is just around the corner; do check out Zarina’s MySunshine2U online shop as she offers beautiful gifts for the special day as well as other occasions.

Roxychick and Zarina, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for sponsoring the prizes for Top Commenter and Top First Commenter!

I had a great day today and Yassin was so tired that he slept very early tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot, Roxychick gave something extras for EIB readers! Lip glosses!! I’m keeping one so there are five to giveaway!! I’m figuring out the mechanisme. Will inform you later!


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Anny Boo

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        1. err.. i m not in race for FC.. i halping Nessa… cos cos i takut orang chop… orang lain gonna chop my head soon… *lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

      1. it looks like english tea sets.. cantiknya.. kopi pon taste much better in it.. cepat pergi bancuh kopi.. kita semua tunggu sini nak kasi sip sip with ur new tea set ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. hi kak emil!!
    glad you like them all.. esp the lil something for you tu..
    memang terkilan sebab bole terlupa nak snappy snap snap! dahla tak tau bila jumpa lagi.. tsk. tsk.

    anyway, to bakal2 winners, i hope you’ll enjoy the gifts ya.. and congrats to you too! (still got few hours peeps! so.. get your gear move on.. heh)

    take care kak emil!
    kissy kiss to yassin yang selamba je panjat sofa kat lobi ofis i, pastu menjatuhkan diri sendiri.. muahahaha.. cute la dia…

    1. hi roxychick!!!! memang suka sangat! terima kasih banyak2 yang tak terhingga!!! muakssss!

      ok dah sampaikan kiss untuk yassin!! hahaha dia memang kartun sikit sebab banyak nengok kartun!

  2. Salam Emila,
    Tak sangka dpt jumpa walaupun hanya dari jauh.
    Maybe someday kita jumpa lagi.
    Hopefully lepas pantang ni bolehla aktif balik berblogging.

    Hari tu ke pesta buku tapi tak ada booth wira bukit…pulang dengan kehampaan.

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