Bologna Book Fair 2009

No, I did not went but Linda Tan Lingard from Oyez! Books did! Before she went to Bologna, Italy, she asked me whether I want to promote my artworks in Bologna. I said yes and gave her printout of my artworks and free flyers. They were featured with courtesy of National  Book Council of Malaysia alongside with our own famous illustrators such as Nur Azmi, Sarah Joan, Mischele Mariam, Anuar Hassan (Sireh) and many more. The flyers were all distributed (thanks to NBCM and Linda) and the best part was when Linda told me that my artwork prints that were mounted on mount board were all taken by visitors except for one!! I don’t mind at all; so glad that people actually appreciate my artworks and took them!

Yipee! My artworks went to Bologna already! But me, am still here under my own coconut shell. *Sigh* I know I just cannot sit and whine about it so I am determined to go for next year’s book fair in Bologna and hope to save enough money to go. Anybody want to barter trade 1 year ad space in EIB (the big one; top of right sidebar) for a return flight ticket from Malaysia to Rome next year? Haha, let me know!!

Now I’m going to read the terms & condition on how to enter the Illustrators Exhibition at Bologna Children’s Book Fair; hope am not too old to enter.

Here are some pictures from Bologna with courtesy from Linda Tan Lingard:

bologna 1
My artworks on the shelf alongside with Sarah’s, Mischele’s and others’.

bologna 2
National  Book Council of Malaysia’s booth @ Bologna Book Fair 2009, Italy

bologna 3
Oyez! Books booth. Seen on the background is Mr Peter Worthington, the writer for Animal Adventure Series published by Oyez Books. The Illustrator of this series is Nur Azmi.

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Ken Ong

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  1. emila it’s nv too old for anything…I’m 34 and I just learn how 2 sew and going to make business out of it…you think it’s too old…nah…never!!!

        1. don’t say that…we are somebody to somebody…the world may not know us…we maybe small…but if we think big…we can do it.

          wat you did is a step ahead…i’m sure there is more to come 😀

  2. anyway it’s is definitely good news that your work went that far…that is just the beginning and more to come…all the best ya….

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