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I was watching Biggest Loser show on Astro the other day and was amazed that the guys  managed to loose 51 pounds in total as a team. The ladies only lose 11 pounds and a contestant was voted out. The show is still ongoing and very inspiring and while watching the show, my husband came in and challenged me to beat him at our own Biggest Loser contest. He’s offering no price for it as he said that the victory will be on me if I lose more than him; that I shall be walking proudly with my new weight. But I am making him to come up with a prize; that way I’ll be more inspired! lol!

So to begin with, I was browsing the internet for diet pills that work just now when he sneaked behind me and added a rule to our little contest; no diet pills: only healthy eating and exercising!! Whoa! That was a bit hard but I take on the challenge!! Will post my weight updates from time to time.

Wanna know what’s my current weight? 76kg! That is the hard truth! It was the other way around last year! I have no one to blame except myself; haven’t been taking care of my eating habits. I need to turn that back around and maybe loose 7 more kilos to be 60! Wanna follow me on this one? Ok! bookmark me and just browse my newly added category: EZ: Biggest Loser. (E is me and Z is my husband)

EZ: Biggest Loser
Date E Z
24 March 76kg 72kg

Wish me luck! I need a lot of that! I will only show my picture once I reached that 60kg! Now I’m too fat! Well ok, maybe a small picture of current me.


So fat, yea? I had to turn it B&W coz colors make me look even fatter! Oh yeah, am still having a mild fever, will probably fully game in a day or two!

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Ken Ong

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    1. hey I also wanna lose some weight 🙂 I just went jogging wif my fren this evening. Hopefully I can keep it up 2 lose some weight 🙂

      1. u sure look taller than 5’5… hehe.. mebbe lose some weight.. but not too much.. as long as its thru the healthy way… not the dieting tea and bebenda.. that will mess up ur system badly…

  1. k.emi..wish u luck for ur very own BL contest… :), last time..dancing works for me…i like paula abdul..cardio dance & the latin moves..try la k.emi..then diet based on ur blood type….

    1. dah try dulu diet ikut blood type tapi terbantut tengah jalan hehe…banyak sgt benda tak boleh makan; kacang kidney tak boleh padahal itulah kegemaran akak!

      1. tu lah..same..jia pn x leh mkn kidney bean..tu yg tensen tuh..lagi best..rupenye orenge juice..x leh mkn..meat yg ok..plak turkey….mane nak cari..mmm..anyway..semoga berjaya ye..k.emi… 🙂

  2. for my ideal BMI (like, a la Sheila Majid masa muda), i need to lose FORTY KILOS. that’s like, what, 88 pounds in total??? fuggers. but even 30 kilos is good enough for me to get back my weight when i was 15. haha

    i went to see the dietician at hukm last tuesday. ok la…the doc just recommended that i ‘alter’ my menu a bit — less ikan keli goreng and ais limau, more fiber and soups and plain water and protein. AND EXERCISE! ugggh, fugger fugger.

  3. oh, by the way, careful with the dietpills….some are toxic to the body and kidneys, ok.

    pi makan herbalife or sendayu tinggi aje la kot…

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