Weekend snapshots *

Yassin had fun playing with bubbles last weekend. Here are shots of him!

Photos were taken by my husband.

1st commentator
Diana Evans

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        1. semangat betul kak Emil πŸ˜‰ akak kena cuba teknik tu.

          saya kenakan teknik DH pd gambar2 yg terpilih yg diambil cuma dari compact digital camera saya saja. Jika teknik tu dikenakan pd gambar yg diambil drpd camera SLR/DSLR, bayangkanlaa…mesti lebih cantik sangat!^_^

  1. How did he made such bubbles!
    Very clever^ ^
    I like the most: Yassin doing funny face.
    There is a web site just to submit kid’s portrait’s photo.
    I think this should appear over that blog. I check and come back to you Emila!!!
    If you record this sequence as video lagi syok Emila!!!

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