Discus fish

Pigeon Blood Discus | Watercolor with a bit of colored pencil and soft pastel

This drawing is based on my own photo captured from yesterday’s visit to Aquaria KL.

My watercolor moleskine: 47 pages to go.

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      1. Habis semua mati. Sebab my parents moved the babies and the parents to an isolation tank lepas the fishes spawned so sebenarnya tak boleh. Kalau nak move kena masa tgh “pregnant”. Bila ada orang kacau, they will think anak dia dah tak bau dia lagi so dia makan semua. The end. Hahaha~

  1. Your art makes me smile, and spreads much happiness! Thankful for your talents, wishing for your happiness and health and much more sketching. Bless you.

  2. Seperti biasa, hasil watercolor Kak Emi tak pernah mengecewakan! Cantik! Nama ikan memang discus ke? Mesti ikan2 jenis suka berdiskusi! keke….

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