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The interview with Sharmila Nair had been done few days earlier via e-mails. This article appeared today in “All The R.AGE” Section (page T18) in the Star Two pullout, The Star newspaper. Featured together with me is Ikin aka Milkberry!

Special Thanks:
Sharmila Nair for featuring me!
Genie King
for noticing the article and alerting me early in the morning!
Ken Ong for putting up a special post for me!

1st commentator

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  1. Oh ni kakak yang buat header untuk Eeda-ny hari tu kan. i recognized your work. =D tahniah kakak emilia. omedetto ikin-chan ! oh happynya. semua dua dua semakin success dengan lebih banyak illustrations yg ceria

    big hugs !

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    I really need the respondents a.s.a.p

  3. Congrats Emila:)
    I just came back form teaching. I just read the newspaper from my student house and I saw your this article.
    I also read from ken’s blog.
    You are so cool!
    Mikbery’s blog also good!

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