Voices – Illustration Friday *

The challenge is to draw ‘Voices’ and my husband suggested that I do something abstract. I am not good in abstract and think it is a great idea for me to practice on making abstract drawings.

Voices | Acrylic on moleskine

I think the orange is a bit too saturated; will try to reduce the volume.

My moleskine;17 pages.

1st commentator:


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    1. Sorry. You alreay passed 4000 TH!
      May be 6000.
      Diya also can:)
      All the best!
      Betul, I am busy!!!
      Actually you all lagi busy…busy commentkan.
      I need to go to the dentist nanti…
      Ada appointment.

  1. I have a friend who paints voices. She made a voice portrait of mine that reminds me to your abstract sketch.

    I find abstract painting a very difficult exercise too.

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