Tioman Island Retreat – Part 3 *

The next two days was fun; we went to the Marine Park, duty free shops, walked along the beach, swam, snorkeled in the crystal clear water, took pictures and what not. We wanted to stay for another night but as we have commitments on Monday, we just stick to our plan and left Tioman on Sunday taking the last ferry ride at 12.00pm.

From Mersing, we took Kluang-Ayer Hitam route and later the North-South Highway to KL. We dropped by at Kluang to visit my husbands old school and Pagoh to have our dinner. We finally reached KL at 10.00pm.

Below are more pictures from the holiday. Please wait while it loads. Thank you! Hope you enjoy looking at them!

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        1. Yes, but you must pray that God send enough money for me to release the tiket to you diya.
          I am also longing for a vacation….
          I never go anywhere far since 2005…..

  1. Wah .. cepat seh dah upload all pictures.. so efficient lah you.. we missed you while you were away but now you must be feeling all refresh kan??

    I love the photos.. have not been to Tioman yet. Must show A all this picture..heheh.. hint2.. winky2..ehhehe

  2. wah Kak Emila..

    nampak cun itu vakasi. terasa pulak macam nak pergi vakasi.. hope you had a great great time kat sana..

    Lama pulak tak singgah kat sini rasanya. 🙂

    Gambar-gambar tu menambahkan lagi terasa nak pergi vakasi jugak.. hehehe 🙂

  3. alla….i miss my boat..hu hu …he he..salam kenal emila

    dan salam ukhuwah dari boxhousestudio ya…thanks to rani yang kenal kan boxhousestudio pada emila…

    selamat berkreatif…boxhousestudio suka sangat

  4. Emi.. this is a very good way of showing the photos 🙂 the photos are very good.. esp the closeups..u look so much like ur mom.. esp the one with u sitting on the beach n the pic before was of ur mom.. a very relaxing holiday.. hope u feel all refreshed! take care!

  5. great photos captured! and oso of the drawings too..

    i like the sight of yassin hving his own fun time drawing & playing the game boy.. i hope zaes will inherit some of his dad’s talent (of illustrating & drawing.. and playing the guitar too)..

    i wish i could go on a vacation.. again!

  6. thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!! it sure looks like u had a great vacation!

    the only photo of you…i try to peek the thing you do but cannot see it. what are you doing kak emila? drawing? hehe.

      1. Haha! kak emila, speaking of photos, I even look at tiny details like photos on the wall (at the background), type of plants, stuffs in the room (or on your picnic mat, and even your toes!

  7. Hi Emila,

    Good to see that you and your family had a good time. My missus punya kampung is at Mersing but we have never felt the urge to take the boat to Tioman. I basically not a beach person.

    Very good pics.

  8. It’s great to laze back for a while, having a great short vacation like this do help to recharge energies and revitalise one’s mind, body and soul.
    Emila, you deserve this great trip:)

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