Tioman Island Retreat – Part 2 *

We finally boarded the ferry at 4.30pm sharp and the journey to Tioman Island took another 2 hours plus.

View from inside the ferry

Yassin busy playing gameboy in the ferry

Beautiful Mersing sky – can you see the rainbow?

Floating lighthouse

Fishing boat

Tioman from far

Tioman sunset

In the ferry, my husband and I discussed on where to board off (lol, everything was last minute!) We referred back to a flyer that the ticketing agent gave us. After a quick look at the map, we agreed to board off at Tekek Village. Tekek is a big village of ’em all as there is an airport there, no to mention the Marine Park Centre, as well as duty free shops. We knew we made the right choice as two local girls told my mom that Tekek is a good place to stay.

Tekek Jetty

We booked a ride to the beach area and was guided by a local man. We went to three chalet operators and chose to stay at Coral Reef Holiday. We booked 2 rooms; one for us and the other for my mom and aunt.

Coral Reef Holiday

View from our chalet; pen on Moleskine
46 pages left!

There will be more beautiful pictures in Tioman Island Retreat – Part 3.

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