Tioman Island Retreat – Part 1 *

It was out of the blue when my husband suddenly suggested that we go to Tioman Island for a retreat after been working so hard lately. Initially, he suggested that we go to Sibu Island (not far from Tioman Island) but since there were not many choices of place to stay, we opted for Tioman Island instead. We didn’t made any calls or reservation as we were optimistic that there would be many rooms available as the school holiday hasn’t started yet. We invited my mom and my aunt to come along.

We left our home at 6am, with the hope to catch the 12.00pm ferry at Tg Gumuk, Kuala Rompin. It was a sudden plan so we did all the preparation last minute. My husband downloaded the route to Tg Gumuk from Google map and later upload it into his GPS tracking device.

The journey was fun as we got to see beautiful views.

Beautiful morning sky on the way to Kuala Pilah

Sunrise over the horizon

There is actually a village called Kg Geddes in Bahau. The name reminds me of Anne Geddes, the great photographer.

Exit 63 to Kuala Rompin

We reached Tg Gumuk at 11.30am and got a bit disappointed as the jetty is not operating at this moment. They are closed for the monsoon season and only will be open from January to October every year. We however booked ferry tickets and was told to get the next 4.30pm ride at Mersing Jetty. He also told us that Sibu Island will only be opened to public in December.

We reached Mersing at 12.30pm and after having our lunch, we just waited at the jetty for our ferry to arrive.

Lunch at a food shop nearby the Mersing Jetty

Yassin and his newfound friend, Alif, a local boy

View from the jetty (photo by Zaim)

We did our things while waiting: my mom and aunt exchanging stories, husband dozing off, Yassin with his Gameboy and me with my Moleskine sketching.

Mersing Jetty | pen on Moleskine
48 pages left! Yeehaw!

More photos will be up soon in Tioman Island Retreat – Part 2! Stay tune!

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  1. great photos Emi… esp the migratory birds 😀 so cool u manage to catch that… 🙂 last sketch.. i like 🙂 kinda very detailed for a short frame of time.. hehe.. glad u had a good holiday!

  2. emila, u guys are amazing lar! i hv nvr go on holidays without making any reservation. The one time i hv is when i went to penang for a business trip. Lucky i got a room in a new hotel. The rest were fully booked.

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