Tioman illustrated *

My son and I have few things in common and below is one. Notice the similarity?

I drew this:

Tioman Island map | Prismacolor on Moleskine
44 pages left!

And Yassin drew this:

He did drew Tioman map as well:

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1st commentator:

Annyboo again! 3x in a row! wow!

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  1. gudnite dear! ur map’s not too bad either.. hehe.. i’ll be following Yassin’s drawings till he’s abt mebbe 10… he’ll be berry famous by then 😉

  2. Hi Emila, I love your illustrations… But after seeing your son’s version of the map, I think Yassin is going to draw better than you when he grows up. 🙂

    1. Creative is no border…especially for a small young kid like Yassin.
      He is celebrating his innocent creativity.
      The finished drawings….just so free flow…all from his greatest self intensity.
      Yahooo, he is so good:)

    1. I just know no matter where we are, as an artist, we have the urgency to capture the most significants views and get it done creatively on papers on other means.
      I guess your personal encounter is calm & relax……
      then only you could transform your unique idea into this lovely piece:)
      I had that when I was visiting Pulau Kapas & Maldives.
      Too bad, I didn’t sketch anything during that time….

      1. I had been to Seychelles island, for business trip and didn’t really capture any nice pix and now i regret it.. now it’s all only in my memories 🙁

      1. how i wish i could draw or sketch or illus like you do 🙂 sometimes i look @ beautiful paintings it just take my breath away…and wish i could do the same …LOL 😀

  3. Oh my another artist in the family. He does a very good job!! Thank you so much Emila for sharing all of this with us. I have never even heard of this island and it’s so very beautiful!!

    Once again welcome home!!


  4. Oh my one more thing Emila. I just realized that I did not have you on my blog roll. I am so very sorry about that. I have changed that now and will add your other blog when I get to it tonight.:-)

  5. Like mother, like son… I like seeing the 2 of you so engrossed in your drawings 🙂 I love your Tioman island map, those tiny houses and trees, fishes, so cute la.

  6. it’s obvious you both have a real passion for drawing Emila…
    I love the photos of you both….so engrossed….and wonderful work from both of you….look out Mum 😉

  7. Hi Emila….

    Seriously.. i suka bakat seni yg u ada!!!
    I really appreciate those ppl yg ada bakat seni cengini..
    n tahu kat mana nk luahkan seni tu…

    like mom… ur son pun macam u lah…
    bakat seni tumpah ke anak u 🙂
    thats good ya!!!!

  8. hi emila!! been super duper bz making a move from KK to KL! finally got some “me” time! anyways, that’s a lovely lovely map you drew up. Yassin will grow up to be as good as him mommy. My son is 4 and he still can’t hold a pencil correctly. Like mommy like son! LOL!

  9. akak .. u are so so so damn talented. lukis macam tuh aje buat lily teruja melihatnya ..

    i’m so jelous dengan kurniaan dan kelebihan yang ada pada diri akak …. u’re such a great artist sister ….


    for sure yassin nanti bila dah besar akan mengikut jejak langkah ibunya jua ……

  10. Hi Emila, I am glad you are back and brought to us the best sketches & pictures from Tioman.
    Yassin is a talented young man, like mother like son. Congrats Emila:)
    For the previous week, I could hardly entered your blog and also giving comments due to the virus infection. I only managed to drop a few comments only:(
    Until last Sunday night only I awared of it.
    Thanks for dropping by Emila.
    Now, I am back too, can give comments again….so happy!!!

  11. Hi Emila,
    Your Tioman Island Map is just excellent and gorgeous!!!
    Wow..Wow…I wonder may be you can incorporate it for the upcoming giveaway in a T-Shirt form.
    It’s certainly a sweet memorable visit for you and a piece of special souvenir for us to cherish:)
    Also can make it available through auction……perhaps…

      1. Wow, he is so talented, somemore with oil painting….good to encourage & motivate him to do what he is good at:)
        Emila, you really treasure the drawings, thus you hang it in your room:)
        I haven’t even try oil painting yet.

  12. Yesterday, I went to the Pos Office to buy a seashell theme first day cover for my friend.
    I also hope Kak Emila will be approached by the Pos Malaysia to do some special stamp collections, this Pulau Tioman Map is a good example!

  13. Kak Emila, you had chosen a comfortable spot for sketching and Yassin was busy sketching while waiting for the boat.
    What a great contrast here, open & enclosed area, from your photos sharing:)

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