November’s giveaway *

Handphone cozy | worsted yarn

Here’s a little something I made yesterday for November’s Top Commentator – a knitted handphone cozy!! It’s expandable so any phone can fit in it (in my case above, i use Dopod). As for Top EC Dropper, you’ll get 1000 EC credits!

Here’s my top 20 commentators at the moment:

Mariuca stands a very good chance to win this cozy but I see that Diya is not giving up either. So best of luck to both!

If you want to be in the running to win this knitted cozy, you still have time; the final count will stop at 12 midnight, 30 November 2008. But I doubt you can ever topple Mariuca and Diya!

1st commentator:

Lady Java (LJ)! Click on above image to know more about LJ!

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        1. roxy..baru i teringat..actually i plan nak wish u on friday after tapi suddenly i x buka fb last friday..then terus lupa..

          i only remember u as roxy not by ur name sometime jadi confuse byk…

          sorry dear.. 🙁

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