Dollies R Us! Updated!

Haha…I make RSS dollies now! Click on each dolly to go to respective blogs! Wohoo! It was fun illustrating them dollies! I got to play dress-up again! Thank you Marzie, Jean, LJ, Kim and Bingolady for the orders and EC credits! I’ve got extra 4500EC already in my account! Haha…I can’t stop laughing now, really, this is fun!

If you fancy having your very own RSS Dolly created by me, you can do so for only 500EC credits! Just leave a comment here and let me know, k.

Special thanks to Marzie who came up with the dolly-for-EC credits idea! You’re brilliant!

Update 1.0
Additional note: To get EC credit, you need to be an EntreCard member. You can signup HERE. You need a 125 x 125 px banner to be able to drop your cardΓ―ΒΏΒ½ and earn EC credits soon as you registered. You can read about how EntreCard works in their Start Page.

Update 1.1
If you don’t have EC credits, you can always pay directly through PayPal below, it’s only USD2.00! Will put the button up on my sidebar shortly!

Update 1.2
For locals, if you don’t have both PayPal and EC, you can always pay me by local bank online transfer. Please e-mail me: emila at emilayusof dot com for my account number.

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  1. eeee… i want one!! how to earn those credits?
    (dari hari tu saya bertanya apakah EC dropper itu.. tapi takde sapa nak jawab.. uhuuuhuu..)

    nak satu nak satu…. NAKKKKKKK!!!!!!
    (sambil menghentak-hentakkan kaki dan berguling-guling di tepi lebuhraya persekutuan…)


    1. EC dropper tu is Entrecard.. a way for you to gain more traffic and also get to know more blogs.. Like the widget that Emila has on her sidebar. Most people use that nowadays to gain traffic. Some more with every card you drop or being dropped on you you get credit.. which is the EC credit that Emila is talking about. Senang crita.. just go to and sign up.. its pretty fun too. πŸ™‚

  2. oops I accidentally commented on the post below when I meant to comment on this one πŸ˜› So here is my comment again…

    Those are so cute! I don’t do EC anymore though. πŸ™ It took up too much of my time. For me, it’s just easier to find some blogs I like and comment on them. I don’t get as much traffic, but that’s ok with me.

        1. same here Marzie.. I just made it to 100. but it wasn’t coz of the connection.. too bz trying to do the Top Dropper widget! LOL! Thanks for the info marzie!! πŸ™‚ It helped out alot! πŸ™‚

        2. No worries dear, I had to go through Matt’s blog to retrieve his link to that TD post, so might as well make it a permanent link in my comment box, for my future need as well! πŸ˜‰

  3. Wowww!! That’s awesomeee!!! I want one too!! hehehehee.. but I’m still revamping a lil bit of my blog sidebar thingies.. so anything I’ll just let ya know k?? πŸ˜€

  4. Those are really adorable RSS Dollies Emila! You are indeed a creative genius and Marzie’s an entrepreneur for coming up with the ‘scheme’… hehe

    I don’t have Entrecard on my blog. I’m trying to reduce my widgets on my sidebar so my blog loads faster. Love these dolls btw. Perhaps later your readers can buy printed Tee’s with these RSS Dollies ya.

  5. Combination idea can produce excellent result. Marzie with the idea + Emila with the creativity = REALLY GREAT. Those who not EC member can pay USD2 by paypal…Emila you also can offer creative header .. deh!! .. I know one day you can beat JC.

      1. Right Time, Right Place, Right Idea ..insyallah you will success…I’m also thinking want your service to create my RSS have to join Emila RSS Club dong..:):)..just make sure every dolly have your link so that at same time will improve your traffic.

  6. I love my dollies Emila..
    thank you xxxxx
    I can’t wait to put them up on my blog…
    you and Mariuca make a great team….
    I think the ideas of printed tees and selling the dollies for $ is great…
    I will have to do a post about the dollies …
    :} πŸ™‚

  7. Emila.. wah.. getting more and more your orders lah.. well done dearie… eh why not offer dollies for money..that way everyone can have them…lolzz!!

    Or if anyone that don’t have enough EC.. can buy from me lah…lol.. cheap only.. 1000EC for USD3… if 500EC I sell you at USD1.50 lol… enterprising or not!!! lolzz!!

    But seriously.. come to me and buy ok.. i take paypal!!

      1. Emila!! I suggested to Metz at my comment box, that maybe u can portray him as a cute teacher cause he teaches Eng mah and apparently loves his job! What say you? Metz? πŸ˜‰

  8. ooooh you really are a talented illustrator! Great work! I’d love to get a dollie but I never have more than 50 EC’s in my account at one time… How about I provide a link back to you from my newsletter (where it will appear) that goes to 3000+ members every week?

    Let’s know :-))))


  9. Oh baru je cakap and the widget magically reappeared yeeha!! Faster drop Rizal, before it disappears again! Okay, Im gonna switch to MPG and drop now. hang on….! πŸ˜‰

  10. Only $2.00? – I want one!! Those really are very cute. Do you create them based on the person’s blog or can I make a request on what I’d like my dolly to look like?

  11. Emila,
    I would love a dolly for my blog. They are adorable. I will transfer the 500ec over to you right now! Could mine possibly have butterfly wings?


  12. Hi Emilia,

    I would love to have a dollie for my blog too. I’ve seen them in several blogs already and I am jealous. Please buzz me if you can do it.

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