The fog

My son thought we’re living in the clouds but it was actually the fog from the fogging exercise. There has been some serious fogging exercises every week for the past 4 or 5 weeks. This was due to the fact that Dengue fever is spreading and yesterday The Star reported that there have been 6 deaths and 1,008 dengue fever cases have been reported nationwide between July 6 and 12. Selangor had 4 deaths, while Kuala Lumpur and Johor recorded 1 death each. I heard from my mother that there was a fatality in the neighborhood due to the fever. Last week, Health Officers from the Health Ministry came knocking on all doors to check on breeding spots. Luckily, our house don’t have any breeding spots. We heard from the officers that there were quite a number of houses were being fined for breeding Aedes mosquitoes.

Now, fogging is effective to kill mosquitoes but does not kill larvae. Fogging will not stop mosquitoes entering your homes, however, it may deter them from establishing breeding grounds at homes where fogging is performed. So in order to really clear breeding spots, we need to:

  • Remove garbage or unnecessary pots, bottles, cans etc from the garden area.
  • Use mosquito larvicides or mosquito larvae-eating fish such as guppies in waters that cannot be drained.
  • Change water in flower pots once a week and wash them thoroughly. Do not let plants stand in trays containing water. Scrub trays weekly to get rid of any mosquito eggs.
  • Cover all water containers and eliminate objects that can trap rainwater.

Should you or your child present with any of the following signs, a doctor should be consulted immediately to confirm diagnosis:

  • Abrupt onset of high fever (>39 c or 102 f).
  • Headache.
  • Pain behind the eyes.
  • Muscle & joint pain.
  • Rashes.
  • Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

I’m tagging Jean Chia to help me come up with more ways to get rid of the mosquitoes and maybe spread the words.

My son doing his own ‘fogging’ exercise

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        1. Dookie, memang my chloe have sensitive skin.

          That’s why she stratch, her skin all red & bloody. And when it is contacted with water, it sting. Poor her.

          We teach her to pukul instead of stratching, so sometimes, she’ll pukul. 🙂

  1. hi emila! Good information! Thanks for inviting me to join you in spreading the words about aedes. I’ll be happy to do that.

    You know, I was diagnosed with dengue early this year, kan! It started with fewer then rashes. Lucky my doctor was aware of dengue and asked me to take blood test. The next day, he told me it was confirmed that i had dengue. There’s no prescription for dengue, your body needs to fight the virus. So, martin’s family all pray for me. Martin’s parents and one of my church’s friend were my doctors then, they asked me to drink more ribena and eat more fish. I drank & ate obediently, and after 3-4 days, i went to the doctor again. I took a test again to check on my platelets level. Thank God, it has increased. If my platelets level continue to decrease, that’s mean i have to go to the hospital. Phew! what an experience! If my body wasn’t strong enough, i’ll be gone from this world.

    So, we cannot take this lightly. We must work together to ensure that there’s no room in our surroundings for these aedes to breed.

    1. Yes, that why la Jean! MY niece stayed in the hospital two years back due to dengue fever. Her platelets level dropped for three days before increasing back on the 4th day. We were so worried. She stayed there for a week.

    1. yeah about my sis bf its influence by his family. who? his grandma because she is wrapping those cigarrette to sell and he was warn not to try or play with them. But you know parents busy with work and they didn’t know he was hiding in toilet to smoke.

  2. Here in my neighborhood in Tennessee (in the US) we have a mosquito truck that drives through and fogs the neighborhood. The worst thing is to be out for a nice evening stroll and get fogged by the truck… I’m wondering if being fogged is worse than being bitten?

    Renee 🙂

    P.S. Your son is adorable!

    1. yeah when the people fogged.. we tend to closed the doors and windows. They usually came in the evening.. bad time as we have cooked dinner.. worry it gets in food.

    1. i think the neighbourhood should look out for each other.. even if only your house is clean.. the dengue is still there because of the neighbourhood surroundings..

      1. sad to say its the neighbour side that have the pots and tanks filling with water. THey dont really care. Thats why the area is not that safety.

  3. Emila.. my place here also gets regular fumigation.. really good lah MPAJ kan…

    Eh it i think we live very closeby tau.. sebab that day .. the postman ask me (when delivering your package), eh why tak jumpa jer.. dekat ni..lolzz!!!

  4. Wah new header.. I like… eh where to find nice wp templates eh… this one you paid for right?? I’m looking for free yet exclusive looking lahh..hehe.. for my new job…lolzz

  5. the smoke reminds me of my teacher’s hubby who passed away for being a second smoker. He doesn’t smoke at all. its his colleague that smoke.

  6. And I heard Singapore already warned their beloved citizens to be careful while in Malaysia. They are advised to wear long sleeve shirts and all.. Well, I hope this would not be an epidemic. Why are we still having this mosquitoes’ problems every year heh?

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