Top EC Dropper for July 2008

I apologise for such a late announcement for the Top EC Dropper. Besides the stress, I have a major migraine ( I somehow think they’re related) these few days and have been taking meds, resting, sleeping and what not.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of Top EC Dropper for July 2008 is:


Yay! Congrats LJ! Thank you for always dropping on me! Keep on dropping, k!

LJ, please e-mail me your address and t-shirt size, k! I would like to thank TH for highlighting the t-shirt size for Top Commentator.

Marzie, I need your t-shirt size for the Teddies tee!

Okies, everybody, am off to more rest! Hope I will be back soon as I’m feeling better.

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  1. Yeay!! I won! I won!!..hehhe.. thanks Emila!! I’ll email you the info ok 🙂

    Oh dearie.. you take it easy ok.. take care and drinks lots of fluid.


    PS: Your internet connection acting up tak? I’m going crazy over here!!

  2. Hi Emila, I hope u feel better soon. Been overworking yourself ni, time to take some time out from work. I’ll email u later regarding the Tee yeah, and take ur time with that also okay? No hurry! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. Congrats to LJ!! She’s super with dropping isn’t she?? Anyways, I wanted to ask you, how do you get that top 10 ec dropper thingy? I want one too! hehehe.. I’m such a spaz when it comes to these things..

    Oh ya, congrats to Marzie on the top commentator contest too! Love that Hoard tee! hehehe

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