Top Commentator for July 2008!

I was waiting for the clock to strike 00:00 and was doing work at the same time. I was so into work and next thing I knew it was 00:01! The comment counter was reset!! Luckily, there’s a feature in PHP Admin where I can export comments to Excel.

Yay! After counting the comments, the top commentator this month is Marzie!!! Congrats Marzie! You’re da bomb! You’re the winner of my Teddies t-shirt!

There have been a tough fight between Marzie, Jean and Dookie. Here’s the final result of total comments by the three of them for July 2008:




I am rewarding Jean and Dookie too! Marzie, you got extra giveaways!

Marzie: Teddies t-shirt + 1 mini Teddies tote + 6 greeting cards!
Jean: Teddies apron + 4 greeting cards!
Dookie: Teddies CD wallet + 2 greeting cards!

Yay congrats everbody! It’s a win-win situation! Allow me a week or two to get the prizes done! I have Marzie’s & Jean’s address already with me and Dookie, I need your address!! Please e-mail your home/office address to

Thank you for playing everybody. Just keep your comments coming, I might have something for August too in conjunction of the National Day! Cheers!

p/s I’m half over the stress! Will try to blog soon as I can!

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  1. YAY!!! I hope I am the first commenter!! Thanks so much for having this contest Emila, it was the most FUN I’ve had in the blogworld for a while now! Loved every moment of chatting and hanging out with u , Jean and Dookie he he! Congrats to all of us and I am thrilled to see everybody going home with something! Yeeha!!!! I can’t wait to see my mini Teddies tote!! 😀

    1. Marzie, congrates!! you def deserved this tee, woman! 🙂 i loved every moment of chatting and laughing with you, emila and dookie too!! This contest has made us closer and knitted our bond together!! yay!! let’s toast for BFF, ladies!! :mrgreen:

      1. ya lor meet new friends.. come here already meet friends.. 😀 😀 i dont even loose anything even gain lots of things.. i consider im a winner too.. 😀

        1. Yeeha the whole gang is here! Hugs for the three of us for being so fun kah kah kah!!! Everybody is a winner at Emila’s, congrats to u Jean and Dookie! :mrgreen:

    2. lol mariuca.. u stayed at 670 eh.. must be every 10 mins come and look at the ranking rite lol.. btw u deserved it mariuca.. 😀 the best wins and u r the best… 😀 congrate to u.. *clap* *clap*

      1. Dookie! I never left Emila’s page, refresh je… mesti kena teman Jean! She was the last one to comment the night away since we had an early start in the afternoon he he! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      2. Dookie, marzie was here all night to accompany me. She is really a sweetheart and such a wonderful friend indeed!! I love ya, marzie!! :mrgreen:

        Where was you?? We’ve been wondering about u? ❓

        1. i got this to do so i ingat can make it to topple mariuca,.. but what to do it was nearly 12am so i just logout coz im relieved that someone better than me won this contest 😈

      1. Jean! I was happy to witness ur performance last night! I can just imagine u sipping away ur iced latte and commenting furiously he he! What a great contest that was peeps! 😛 😛

        1. haha, it was really a great experience, marzie! my fingers were racing wt the time, and somemore, last min the connection slow down. >< luckily, i still get the second place! at least yr cheering paid off!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        1. hehe, yeah, i can foresee that too!! lolz

          oh, i’ve brought three iced latte for the three of us ladies, and a hot chocolate for adik dookie. Haha! Enjoy, peeps! And thanks for having me as yr competitor here. LOve ya!! HUGS!! 🙂

      1. dookie, you can start commenting furiously here first! who knows, maybe emila will hv a pressie for the top commentator for aug! eheh

        that’s what she said in her post rite! 😉

        1. im excited about yrs too! i remembered telling emila that i seldom use the big tote and ask her if she makes any smaller one. mana tau, here she is, presenting you a mini tote!! Must show me when you get it, k!! i wanna see!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

          And i can imagine my apron with the adorabe teddies on it!! How cute!! :mrgreen: Thank you, emila yusof!! Love ya!!!!

        2. actually what is a tote? if u change the early T to K and u get not so pleasant word in malay lol.. 😛 😛 is that tote a bag? why is it named a tote?

  2. wah, best~nya, emila!! thanks for getting us pressies even tho’ we did not make it to the top! Your tee is really worth trying! This is definitely the best contest for me too!! 🙂

  3. Congrats to emila and all the winners ..I’m really happy looking at the GP race… and the friendship. Hope this will be forever…and example to all other bloggers…GOD bless U all.

  4. Hi Emila! I wanted to let you know I am finally sending a Thank You pack your way 😳 I am not sure how long it takes to reach you but I wanted you to be on the look-out. Your beautiful purse/bag and handmade books are very loved and happy 😀 I am sorry for the long delay in properly thanking you but ever since my dog Rat had his heart attack I focused all my energy and attention into him, so his last 6 months were comfortable, happy and loving. I hope you and your family are doing great! Your pal, valgal

  5. wah.. congrats to the winners! best la kan..

    anyway kak emil, i’d like to thank you for putting up the infos on the walk. i’ve received several unknown callers who actually googled about the walk the minutes they heard about it over the radio or after receiving smses from celcom, and guess what? your entry about the plea was the first that caught their attention and of course, with my.. er.. real name in it, they straight away called me and enquired about the tickets.. and rite now, tickets are almost sold out and i hope i could get them some more so that they could join the event..

    so, thanks again! you can never deny the power of blogging kan…?
    (if you can join kan best…)

    😀 😉 🙂

    1. emila’s blog is good.. PR 3 and alexa traffic of 207548.. this is indeed more than average kind of blog.. any thing that people search on google and if emila’s blog have some info on it.. her blog will be among the top in google search.. hope this a good info to you..

      1. 2mariuca : no la .. i can see what blog rank on my toolbar.. 🙂 maybe not accurate 100% but sure 80% can trust punya..

        2jean : i keja mengkidnap makcik gurls like u lol 😈 😈 just joking 😀 😀

  6. thanks to emila.. u r the best.. see how many ppl supported u.. kalau u nak quit i got lots of things to make u think.. now u r ok then its a good news for everyone 🙂 later i will email u my address.. 😀 and thanks a zillion 😀

  7. Emila, I am glad that you have half over your stress…you make me worry! everything will gonna be okay soon dear, do take some rest and enjoy your time at home or outdoor… 🙂 Congrats Marzie!!

  8. Wow!! congrats GP, Jean and Dookie.. Sorry I was not able to join you guys lerr.. you know lah my connection right??

    Anyway.. congrats again.. err i tak menang apa2 ke?? lolzz

    Emila dearest.. so glad you are feeling better… take care and have a great weekend ya 🙂

  9. Hi dear! I’m searching for the too sweet award u gave me, but can’t seem to find the post! 🙁

    I got ur email, will reply nanti ye, me too busy with some work stuff today! 😉

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