Jalan-jalan Lake Garden

Went to the Lake Garden last weekend. Boy! I had to catch up with my husband and son, as well as my breath! I think I have put on a lot of weight! I dare not step on the scale. The last time (not so long ago) my husband forced me to step on a scale, ’twas scary!!

I felt heavy and need to lose back few kgs, therefore need to cut back on the fatty food and exercise more. I think walking is good coz I’m not up to jogging. I’m trying not to resolve on diet pills.

Here are some photos from Lake Garden. We were happily posing around leftover landscapes from the Malaysia’s Landscape & Garden Festival 2008.

My husband and son

I like this garden decor made up of stones & soils squares.

I think Johor had the most beautiful landscape presentation.
My husband is so agree with that, he’s from Johor

Posing inside Johor’s landscape area.

We thought we dropped by Tanglin’s food stall for ‘teh tarik’ but it was closed. Anyway, do you know that Tanglin Hospital is occupied by monkeys on weekend? There were hundreds of them, on the rooftop, the gates, all over!

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      1. heheh memang lawa, but both of us sweated a lot
        pasal panas. We did get a lot of photos though,
        sib baik ada that aircon-ed place in the middle
        with all the cool flowers. Will post my pics

  1. Hi Emila,

    If that’s the latest photo of you up there, I see no reason why you need to worry about weight. Kira okay la tu… Unless your other half has started to make teasing remarks. :mrgreen:

    If it’s stamina that you worry about, then regular brisk walking should help you improve.

    Ultimately, to me at least, it’s not just a question of weight or size alone. It’s proportion.

  2. Emila!!! Are u sure u’re putting on weight cause ur legs sure look skinny and long in this picture! I must go on a diet before my besday he he!! :mrgreen: 😳 😳

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