Jul 7, 2008

Guess the cartoon character

Guess the cartoon character Yassin drew this in the car the other day. My husband and I were quite amazed as he remembers how to draw the hair, the eyes and all. We knew who it was right away!

Can you guess which cartoon character this is? The first person to get this right will get their own cartoon character done by me! If you win, you will get:
– a loose transparent cartoon (png);
– a header with the cartoon (you give the size);
– 125 x 125px banner.

Just leave a comment and tell me the name of the cartoon character including the name of the show. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address (will not be shown in the comment box)!

Happy guessing!

Updates: I have a winner: it’s Marvic from PJ!


  • Ben Tennyson from Ben 10

    • Salah la Maria! Mesti tak tengok kartun ni! Thanks for trying!

  • dah lama la tak tengok cartoon.can i guess more than once?

    • sure Maria!

  • blossom from powerpuff girl

    • Hahaha you got it right! Takde can lah orang lain nampaknya! E-mail me your pic and tell me the size of your header!

  • yeah!!!..finally I won something….hehehehe…I already cut my hair short so I’ll email u the latest pic of me by tomorrow k… :smile:

  • hey yeah its blossom from powerpuff girls is that right

    oh u already have a winner :(

  • alamakkk baru nak teka..dah ada orang menang..

    First look it did look like “mask rider”, but then again.. Mask rider isnt being aired now. Second look, I can see a powerpuff girl. Alas, too late.. hehe

    Congrats Marvic :mrgreen:

  • haha.. i thought it was ultraman.. :P sorry, yassin! auntie jean is abit poor at guessing game. :)

    Emila, the prize is awesome lar! Marvin is so lucky! :mrgreen:

  • Aww, I missed the competition!

  • Marvic u are so lucky lucky laaa…..anyway congrats…waiting for another contest …heee. Wah ini bisa jadi guest cartoon

  • hehehe… nice game Emila!! Congrats Marvic!

  • yup looks like powerpuff girls.. too late for me to join.. never mind next time :)

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