Spent the weekend (and Mother’s Day) at Tangkak, my husband’s hometown. Below are pictures from Tangkak. We went to Gunung Ledang or Mount Ophir recreation area before heading back to KL yesterday.

I tried to blog on Saturday using my sister-in-law’s Maxis Broadband connection but it was extremely slow.

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  1. hey =)i studied in tangkak for about a year =) mana lagik, kat Kolej Matrikulasi Johor =) fantastic place to study.. i enjoyed my days ronda-ing the lil town (which by now is probably even more maju). i love how they color coordinated the buildings.. its really a great place to grow up in.. oh yeah, and buy kain =) i mustve made 10 over baju kurung from the cloth i bought there to wear around campus..*brings back memories…=)*

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