These are some illustrations I did last year for an advertising agency, Singnan Communications . I never got a sample but proud to see my illos on cookies tins. I never got to know who was the client either. I was told that these tins were limited edition.

Picture taken from Singnan website

Peninsula malaysia
Peninsula Malaysia

East Malaysia
East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

A close-up scan

Icons for the side of the tin

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  1. Dear Emila, I was full with great surprised reading your comment in my recent post. My heart felt tears. You are one of great person/Blogger that I ever know. Thank you for your support.


    * I like the illustration on your tins. You are such a great Artist!!! I hope someday I will buya T-shirt which has an illustration on it. I will wear it with all of my proud being one of your friend!!!

    Warm Regards from USA

  2. Mbak emila kalau bonoriau mau jadi agen tolong promosi produk mbak yang cantik lagi kreatif tu bagaimana…bagi lah komisi sikit kalau berjaya jual…

  3. Hi Emila,

    Can i use your sketches to be include in my game design project. I designing a game for children that have to do with malaysia + geography stuffs. I would be much appreciated if you can contact me or even reply this message. Thanks. 😆

  4. Emi,

    Great work!! I still remember u designing these items.. try to get a few samples, who knows, one day u’ll need them for your very own art exhibition!!!

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